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Every law Senator Risa filed that just makes sense

Every law Senator Risa filed that just makes sense

Senator Risa Hontiveros goes viral recently when she says she is now done drafting every priority proposed law she will file in the Senate. I cannot help but clap in awe, that my favorite senator is already working even when the 19th Congress is not in session yet. That’s my Senator!

Hontoveros’ second term is a product of her long history of activism, journalism, and legislation. She is a consistent advocate of public health, gender equality, safe spaces, reproductive health, and women’s rights.

Before Sen. Risa slays for another term, here are some of her most important authored and sponsored laws:

Mental Health Law


Mental Health Law is one of the most important laws in the country. This law enables the public healthcare system to integrate mental healthcare into its services.

In a society that is full of corruption, toxic culture, and an unjust environment, what we need most is adequate mental health support to help us be better and more productive individuals. Mental health is wealth.

Safe Streets & Public Spaces Act

Photo: Office of Sen. Risa Hontiveros

Under this law, any forms of harassments in person or online are punishable by law. This includes stalking, sexual innuendos, unwanted jokes, touching and contacts and other harassments.

So watch out predators! Sen. Risa is watching!

Cheaper & Quality Medicines Law

Photo: Office of Sen. Risa Hontiveros

Aside from sexual health and safety, Hontiveros is also a healthcare advocate.

During her stint in the House as Akbayan representative, she wrote the House version o Cheaper Medicines Law. The act helped lower medical bills by requiring pharmacies to sell generic medicines.

Act Raising the Age of Sexual Consent

Photo: Office of Sen. Risa Hontiveros

A lot of rape and grooming cases were lost due to our age of consent in the country which was 12 years old.

If experts were to be asked, the age of consent should be 18. Minors are not mature enough to engage in sexual activities. And enticing them to do so, is grooming.

Thanks to this law, grooming minors aged 16 and below is now a crime. Beware now, groomers!

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Expanded Maternity Leave Act

Photo: Office of Sen. Risa Hontiveros

Thanks to this law, mothers can now rest and take care of their babies instead of working after labor.

The pay for the leave can also help the family pay medical bills and buy baby supplies. Indeed a healthy buhay for mommy and baby, Sen. Risa!

Expanded Solo Parents’ Welfare Law

Photo: Office of Sen. Risa Hontiveros

Being parents as a couple alone is hard. How much more if you are alone?

Thanks to Senator Risa, single parents can now celebrate. Under this law, kids of solo parents are qualified for government scholarships. They are also automatically under the PhilHealth program and can avail 10 percent discount for drugs. In addition, a 1000 peso incentive for solo parents earning minimum wage is a big help on top of these benefits.

That is truly healthy buhay and hanapbuhay for solo parents!

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