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Wattpad brings nostalgia, here are reasons why:

Wattpad brings nostalgia, here are reasons why:

Wattpad is a platform where you can write, read, and explore your creativity. It’s perfect for all people who are passionate about writing. It’s also a place where you can discover a lot of genres of stories you can read.

Similarly, ideal for some people who just want to chill and read. That’s why it brings so much nostalgia to me. I know it’s not just me feeling it but for everyone who has been reading Wattpad before. So let’s sit, relax and feel the throwback as we explore the nostalgic feeling of Wattpad.

Wattpad in my beginning

I learned about Wattpad when I first got my Android phone in 2014. It’s very convenient and you can read books for free. So, I started exploring it. Ever since I was a kid, I really liked reading and writing. That’s why it interests me. Sooner, I began drafting my stories there. However, I’m very scared to publish them since I don’t have followers and my purpose is just to read. But, I’m very proud of many artists contributing and taking their time to give us great stories.

Some of my favorite artists and stories

As a reader, I appreciate the creativity of the writers in publishing unique stories. They make me feel ✨things✨ whenever I open the app on my phone and see that one of my favorite writers updated their stories. It’s also a great platform to interact with some readers. However, I hate it when they spoil the plot.

For anyone who likes Wattpad like me, here’s the list of my favorite stories there:

  • She’s Dating the Gangster by SGwannaB
  • A Hundred Days With You by whenitcomestolove
  • Tantei High by purpleyhan
  • Titan Academy of Special Abilities by april_avery
  • Class 3-C Has a Secret by Enah Guevarra
  • Special Section by onneechan
  • The Girl Who Cried Murder by serialsleeper
  • Hell University by KnightInBlack
  • I Love You Since 1892 by Binibining Mia

Do you recognize any stories from the list? I’m sure you’ve at least read any of it and it’s one of the few stories that I like.

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Wattpad changed my life

Wattpad isn’t about publishing and reading stories. It becomes a community of support and power for any writers who aspire to become big. It’s an app that lets you explore different kinds of fiction. It also allows you to live vicariously through the characters that you read. Every character remains a product of the writer’s creativity.

As a dreamer who appreciates the dedication that writers have, Wattpad is definitely a success for me. I know a handful of people who, just like me, have discovered this app in their life. It will forever entail a single story of how it impacted our lives. That’s what makes Wattpad bring so much nostalgia.

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