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My 1st 10 laws if I’m a senator

My 1st 10 laws if I’m a senator

As a political junkie, the first set of laws our senators file captivates my attention. Priority bills speak a lot about a senator’s advocacy.

In fact, Some file 10 bills on average, while a few already have 20 bills in submission.

Magna Carta for Interns Law

I will propose here that interns must receive a minimum wage for their duration of work. Students serving companies must receive proper compensation. To add, clauses will also include protection from abuse, work safety, and other labor rights.

Students’ Welfare Law

Education is a costly season for an individual. For allowance alone up to tuition, projects, and expenses, drains the pockets of parents.

Under this law, the state will provide bussing for students, financial aid, and discounts on essentials.

Financial aid will amount to 10,000 pesos for elementary and secondary students and 15,000 for college.

Meanwhile, scounts will cover mobile and electronic devices, school supplies, and food products.

Anti-Karen Law

Under this law, customers will receive punishment for abuse and harassment of service workers and frontliners. This will include guards, drivers, couriers, food servers, medical workers, cashiers, social workers, and front desk officers.

Repeal of Oil Deregulation Law

Given the instability of gas prices, oil companies must receive regulation for their pricing schemes to prevent inflation from going too high.

Anti-Political Dynasty Law

No two people of the same family shall sit in any elective and appointed position up. This scopes up to the third degree of relationship by blood and marriage.

Anti-Disinformation Law

Under this bill, anyone who shares disinformation disputed by independent fact-checkers and field experts shall receive punishment.

Amendments on K12

Some amendments I will propose are:

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  • Philippine history subject for junior high school
  • Financial literacy, Philippine Government, and Constitution subjects for senior high school
  • Media and Information Literacy in both junior and senior high school

1-2 Freedom Parks per congressional district

Citizens shall be given access to efficient spaces for public assembly with respect to their constitutional rights.

Law reverting to sectoral representation

Dynasties and political parties abuse the current party-list system. They do no fulfill the spirit of the system anymore.

Therefore, we should go back to the old system where individuals representing different sectors are elected to Congress instead of party-list nominees.

Automatic Registration for government agencies after an individual turns 18.

Government benefits and incentives like enrollment into PhilHealth, PAG-IBIG, GSIS, and voting registration are basic rights.

Therefore, registration must not be hard for the people and automatic enrollment is the key to this. In fact, this can help reduce red tape and fixer incidents that breeds corruption and bring state services closer to the people.

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