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I Did Not Want to Write This: The Irony of Having Written It

I Did Not Want to Write This: The Irony of Having Written It

It was 4PM in the afternoon, the skies were gloomy. I was on my way to McDonald’s to get my third coffee of the day. Spent the rest of the morning writing two other articles. I was on my third one, this one, and yet I was already tired. I did not want to write this, and yet I did.

It is not my intention to tell you to take it easy. That it is okay to take a breather, rest, and stop for a moment. You already know that. I know that. As a writer, there will be days when you simply have nothing to say, but you still have to… frankly because there are deadlines.

How to Get Motivated: An Irony

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Oh, boy. I am not the best person to speak on this subject because the main point of this piece is that I have no point. Just out here, rambling on as to how, despite not having anything worth saying, I am still telling you something.

I guess all I can say is that, if you are as privileged as I am, and your only problem is that you cannot think of what to write, then maybe use that as a motivating factor. How dare you sit back on your reclining chair? Comfortably drinking iced coffee when others your age work full hours to provide for their families. You cannot even write three articles! Just kidding, but would that be so bad to think about? I personally know a writer my age who manages to finish 15 articles or more a day as a source of income. I mean, if my options were to write or lose our electricity, then I too would generate 10,000 words a day. But I do not. All I have is an unlimited amount of free time that allows me to procrastinate, making me lose my ability to write cohesively.

So here I am, taking in the irony of not wanting to write this, and still doing it.

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Just Write It!

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They say that writing is like riding a bike. When you finally learn how to do it, then you will never forget. If you feel like you lost your connection with writing because of not having to write for a long time, fret not. It only takes time and practice, and you are good to go. Just like with biking.

At the end of the day, you are still a writer, and no matter how tired and unmotivated you are, you will start typing, like what I am currently doing. So, go, now. Type. It will come to you.

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