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Timberland Heights — Asphalt Trail in Rizal

Timberland Heights — Asphalt Trail in Rizal

Suppose you don’t want your shoes to get muddy while on a short hike; try climbing the heights of Timberland in San Mateo Rizal. It might not be so steep or challenging for some, but it is an excellent place for walks and cycling activities.

Good Food after Good Sweat

Dap-ayan Restaurant

Facebook | Dap-ayan Restaurant

At the start of your walk in Timberland, there are several favorite food stops where people, especially cyclists, gather before and after their ride. Dap-ayan Restaurant is an alfresco restaurant serving Filipino dishes that satisfy your palate. They also offer bread and pastries, as well as beverages like coffee. The name of their restaurant, Dap-ayan, is derived from an Ilocano word that means. “a place where people gather.” You can visit them any week since they are open daily.

Biker’s Cafe

Facebook | Bikers Cafe

A few meters away from Dap-ayan is where Timberland’s Bikers Cafe stands. They have been operating since 2011 and have made several improvements inviting more people to come by daily. They offer silog meals, breakfast meals like beef and chicken mamibrewed coffee, and rice cakes like suman, famous and a favorite of many diners. Bikers Cafe also have an over-looking view once you’re sitting near the edge of the cafe. This serene scenery is perfect for both morning and night visits.

The Famous Signage of Timberland Heights

Along the way, there are still various food corners only open during the morning. They sell lugaw, goto, and energy boosters such as boiled eggs and steamed bananas. A few coffee portable stalls are along the sidewalk too.

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Meanwhile, when you’re trailing half of the track, there is a famous spot called “siko by the locals. It is a sharp turn and considered the steepest point in Timberland. You have to be careful once going up and down in this spot. Remember to take your time if it’s your first time here!

Foursquare | Mike Malate

Moreover, it could take 45 minutes from the feet of the trail up to the famous Timberland signage you would see at the end of your hike. This spot is always busy because tourists and visitors take selfies or group photos. Once you’re at the endpoint, there is a place where you could walk to cool down or take a short jog around.

If you’re craving an adventure that gives you a scenic view of the cities around while climbing a trail, then Timberland Heights may be an excellent choice to consider! Especially for people who love walking and biking in places outside the metro!

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