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Beach The Heat: A Summer Getaway For Less

Beach The Heat: A Summer Getaway For Less

Suffering from Vitamin Sea deficiency? Say no more, Patungan Beach in Cavite is here to give you your much-needed dose of 3S’s—sun, sand, and the sea!

Cost-cutting? No problem!

Patungan Beach in Maragondon, Cavite is perfect for your quick summer trip! Why? Well, it is only a few hours away from Metro Manila! Aside from that, the cost to enjoy this amazing view won’t drill a hole in your pocket! There is no entrance fee, you only need to pay for the cottage and transportation! How cool is that?

There would be additional fees for various beach activities such as row boating, karaoke, and campfires, but they are all completely optional! You are also welcome to bring your own food, water, and other necessities to avoid extra costs. Borrowing stuff is free too! You may use their grill, water pump, pots and pans, hot water, beddings, lights, and more absolutely free of charge! If this is not the definition of a tipid summer hack, I don’t know what is!

The view? A masterpiece.

Amazing morning view at Patungan Beach

What makes Patungan Beach a perfect ten would be the breathtaking view—the clear water, fine sand, landscapes, and an open view of the sky. If you travel to the beach from PITX through Patungan Cove, the forest-like view on the way is an unexpected bonus!

Swimming in the sea is a one-of-a-kind experience too, as the water is perfect to lessen the summer heat. Additionally, the bottom of the sea is also fine sand so your feet won’t be hurt at all! To top it all, the waves make it more exciting as they will push you back to shore if you don’t resist! Indeed, the word “picturesque” is an understatement for the masterpiece that is Patungan Beach.

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Accommodating people, ready to serve!

Finally, the kind staff at the beach sealed the deal as they are there to make the stay more comfortable and stress-free. They have a mini store between the cottages to accommodate last-minute needs such as ice, water, charcoal for the grill, and more! They’re also quick in assisting with lights request, helping with the electricity for the karaoke, firing up the grill, and more! Inquiring about the stay is very easy too as they respond quickly to every question! Indeed a glorious beach view is nothing without accommodating people running it!

Needless to say that Patungan Beach should be on top of everyone’s next quick summer getaway destination list. A beach with an overwhelming view, affordable cost, and great people! What an awesome place to beach the heat!

Breathtaking view of the sky and the seaTaken from Patungan Beach’s Official Facebook Page.
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