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TikTok FYP: A trick and a treat

TikTok FYP: A trick and a treat

In every social media site, the evident rise of TikTok FYP has been more and more noticeable. Making people consume more, he auto-generated algorithm that supplies more content to your interests.

It is indeed haunting to browse video streaming sites that feed you with more content bombarded with the same genre. All it takes is just a click. Now, all you are watching now are videos of the same TikTok FYP dance over and over again.


Keeping everyone in their own bubbles

Media consumers barely mind their own security in the social media sphere. Smartphones store every data and second spent on the platform. This means that our data are basically, not ours in the first place. Since the multiple parts that provide social media platforms the ability to utilize it for us and against us.

Moreover, consumerist design, involving the digital age’s fast-paced environment led people to become more inclined in finding videos that interest them to keep them in their corners.

TikTok #FYP

TikTok FYP: Double-edged

We can feel that every media we consume are directed toward overconsumption. However, seeing that the algorithm is utilizing their stored knowledge about interests provides the narrative; “you are what you eat”. The hours spent watching TikTok dances and emulating them have led the algorithm to focus on the individual’s likes. Resulting to direct our media consumption as responsible for the actual condition of our TikTok #FYP.

The narrative is that we are the artist of the art in our TikTok FYP. We can make it better every day, instead of indulging ourselves in the same sound effect or song snippet every hour.

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Personal consuming habits equate to that in our personal pages. Developing the idea that we constrain ourselves in our own interests.

Social Media

Effective Media Consumption?

In the bigger picture, the observation is that corporations built this structure to lead the people into a consumerist design. Which also, provided platforms to people who are new to media and its general use. TikTok FYP is a massive agent in contemporary social media.

We cannot always rely on people to consume media effectively. TikTok FYP forces people to consume to their interests but, we must see beyond the lenses. As long as there is a general form of distraction, there is manipulation. So, media consumers must also use the devices to maximize the gain that is highly beneficial to the masses.

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