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Why is Tiktok so addictive?

Why is Tiktok so addictive?

TikTok is a very famous app, but what makes it so good?

TikTok took the world of social media by storm, the app quickly grew and continues to do so. And, part of what makes it so successful is because is it so addictive. Users easily find themselves mindlessly scrolling through the app! Me included.

So, what makes TikTok so addictive? why is it that people just can’t stop scrolling through random short videos? well, these just might be the reasons why.

The FYP does its job, and it does it well

TikTok’s “For you page” or FYP is probably the biggest reason why the app can hook users for hours. It welcomes you as the main page for the app where you can scroll endlessly and find various types of content. But, that’s not all there is to it. TikTok uses an AI-powered algorithm for its FYP which determines the best type of content to show you.

The way the algorithm works is it takes note of the type of content you interact with the most, it can be through likes, comments, or shares. Then, it matches this content with the content you see on your FYP. The algorithm is very good at optimizing the content that you see and enjoy, and it continues to understand you through machine learning. It focuses only on the type of content the user likes, and so each one of us may have very different experiences on our FYPs.

TikTok is where you find the latest trends

Trends play a big role in keeping the users engaged, and TikTok has them all. Dance trends, viral sounds or music, and even the latest gossip and issues can be found in the app. The algorithm also does its job by showing you the latest trends on your FYP.

This ensures that the content of the app stays entertaining and interesting, and tailored to your interests!

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TikTok’s short-form videos keeps you hooked and entertained!

The content you find on TikTok will not take too much of your time, which is why it is perfect for short attention spans and it is easy to just keep scrolling and watch all of them!

Typically, the length of the videos you will find on TikTok is two minutes long at max and can be less than a minute short. And, in that amount of time, the content can provide the info, laughs, and even the drama you want. It is also fun to see how content creators can get creative with short-form videos! Some make funny skits and storytelling, do viral dances, or make song covers! some even upload movie clips that provide a good movie endorsement and recommendation.

Now, it is easy to understand how TikTok is so popular with everyone. Spending time on the app can be comfortable. It is a good way to be entertained while passing the time. TikTok demonstrates how good machine learning is and what we can do with it. But, as amusing as the app can be, try not to let it distract you too much!

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