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OPINION: What makes iPhones better?

OPINION: What makes iPhones better?

In the debate of Android vs Apple, a lot of people say that iPhones are better. And they have good reasons to say so. Apple’s smartphones do not dominate the market for no reason. The iPhone is not famous just because of its name.

iPhones are better not because of the Apple brand. It is better for a number of reasons.
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Both android and iPhones may have similarities. And sometimes, when you look at it on paper, it looks like android is the far superior choice. However, there’s something about iPhones that makes them better. Some of these things are characteristics that you can’t find on paper.

So, why are they considered to be better?

iPhones are better because they are user-friendly

One of the most famous reasons iPhones are better than androids is that iOS is a much simpler interface to use and navigate. It is easier to learn compared to android and all of the software gimmicks that it has. And also, because Apple has retained the look and feel of iOS for a very long time, a lot of customers are already familiar with its simplicity and how clean it is. Unlike android which requires a lot of learning curves to be able to use effectively.

iOS is smoother compared to android

Another reason why iPhones are better is that using iOS feels a lot smoother. This is because iOS is highly optimized to work with Apple’s hardware. With Apple’s limited amount of smartphone models, it is easier for them to optimize their software to work flawlessly across all models. Apple also controls the production of the iPhone from start to finish. Because they do everything in-house, they can make it the most powerful of smartphones, on top of having the smoothest user experience with minimal bugs. You can’t say the same for androids.

iPhones remain relevant for a lot longer

Apple is famous for providing software support to the iPhone for a very long time. Apple offers software support for almost a decade. Specifically around five to seven years of support. This ensures that the iPhone receives regular updates to fix bugs and any other security flaws and keeps it running smoothly for longer. This is more than you can say for android. Because, in comparison, an android device will receive software support for about two to three years at most. Sometimes four or five years depending on the manufacturer.

iPhones are better because of iMessage and FaceTime

If you’ve ever tried using iMessage and Facetime, you know what we mean. I don’t know how many times I wished that we had this kind of service on android phones. iPhones allow messaging and audio/video calls through the internet without the need for third-party apps. iOS users can contact each other seamlessly with the use of iMessage and FaceTime which makes the user experience on an iPhone so much better!

Apple has amazing privacy and security policies

Apple takes privacy and security seriously. They even refused cooperation with the government that allows the government to bypass the security features of the iPhone’s lock screen. The biometric security features of the iPhone are also one of the best in the game. Their Face ID is one of the most secure and accurate facial recognition security systems that can be found on a smartphone.

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iPhones don’t have bloatware

Do you notice how when you turn on a new android phone for the first time, a lot of built-in applications like Lazada or Booking.com are already pre-installed? This is what we call Bloatware. And, if you’ve noticed, iOS does not have this. iPhones only come with the necessary system applications along with other useful and in-house applications that you can delete if you want to. They don’t include third-party apps or games as pre-installed applications like android does.

iPhones have amazing resale value

iPhones don’t come cheap. But they are also in a class of their own in terms of performance and optimization. And as we said, they can hold their relevance for much longer thanks to better software support provided by Apple. All of this helps this phone retain a higher resale value compared to androids. And, if you’re someone who likes to change and upgrade phones from time to time, then the iPhone is a great choice. You can easily sell your used iPhone and get a good price out of it. You can also use Apple’s trade-in policy. This helps you gain credit for new apple products by trading in your old iOS device at Apple’s physical stores.

It’s the best one out there, right?

Well, not really. Although the iPhone does have a lot of things that play in its favor, android also offers a lot of good features as well. For one, android phones are the most bang for your buck and feature-rich smartphones you can buy. So, it is up to you to decide which one you think is better. After all, we all have our own preferences.

But, the way Apple makes the iPhone makes it a very easy recommendation. On top of all the reasons we mentioned, they also use some of the best build materials that make their smartphone look sleek, elegant, classy, and feel premium. The iPhone is also one of the most consistent smartphones out there. It never misses. You can always expect great photos, a smooth experience, and fast performance. And for me, that’s what makes it better.

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