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TikTok Fashion Gwapitos We Should All Follow!

TikTok Fashion Gwapitos We Should All Follow!

TikTok will never be TikTok without our influencer crushies. From fashion collections to dating tips, we are all tuned in for their next content.

Check out these TikTok gwapitos and brace for a kilig-filled follow spree!

Nicko Sia

Photo Credits to: Nicko Sia

Nicko is a TikTok Gwapito from Manila. He’s a content creator who loves creating fashion hauls and outfit ideas for every scenario you could ever think of!

His TikTok account @itsnickosia has gained 973.6k followers as of writing. He also posts his outfit ideas on his Instagram account and we are all loving every bit of it!

From breakup outfits to tito outfits, this TikTok Gwapito has given us his all.

Follow Nicko on TikTok and Instagram (@itsnickosia) and let’s help him gain more followers for his talent for fashion!

Video Credits to: @itsnickosia

Justin Bangsil

justin bangsil TikTok Stats and Analytics (@justinbangsil0) | Tikstar
Photo Credits to: TikStar Analytics

Justin is a TikTok Gwapito hailing from the province of La Union. Must be from his La Union roots but he definitely got the waves!

Justin has taken up TikTok by storm and his account (@justinbangsil0) has garnered 8.7M likes as of writing.

He has been a staple in the TikTok fashion community and we all know why! From his baddie outfits to his go-to F2F outfits, we are all busog from his contents.

Let’s follow Justin on his TikTok and Instagram account (@justinbangsil) to help him gain more traction!


F2F Classes are finally starting!!

♬ Gorgeous By Taylor Swift – stin
Video Credits to: @justinbangsil0

Kobe Jamera

Who doesn’t know Kobe? He’s a TikTok Fashion Gwapito from Manila and he’s giving us basic boy vibes on a different level!

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We all love a guy who can rock a polo shirt and Kobe is one of them. With his content on outfits for aesthetic, there is, we could all learn a thing or two from Kobe.

With a 351.2 follower count on TikTok as of writing, we all think that Kobe deserves more recognition for his fashion content.

Let’s follow him on his TikTok (@kobabes) and Instagram (@kobejamera) account to help him boost more followings and get the following he deserves!

Video Credits to: @kobabes

What about you? Who’s the Tiktok Fashion Gwapito that makes your heart go kilig? Share it with us!

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