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Wrapping up the History Month: Meet these 3 TikTok personalities with history-filled content

Wrapping up the History Month: Meet these 3 TikTok personalities with history-filled content

Many people use TikTok as part of their daily lives. In addition to providing entertainment, it also serves as a prominent informational platform. There’s a saying that, “not everything on the Internet is right,’ but not everything is wrong, though. For this reason, before history month ends, allow me to introduce three TikTok content creators who provide historical facts we missed in history class.

3 TikTok personalities with history-filled content that you should follow

Mona Veluz-Magno (@mightymagulang)

First on our list is the history geek with her iconic “Meow, meow,” Mighty Magulang. Mona Veluz-Magno, often known as Mighty Magulang, is one of the few genealogists in the Philippines and the National President of the Autism Society of the Philippines. Mother of three adult children, Mona is a wife and a mother. Also active on social media, she has established a following under the alias “Mighty Magulang.”

Photo Credits: Mona Veluz-Magno

Around July 2021, she began her journey on TikTok with “Today in History.” To match the new platform, she essentially did nothing more than recycle and repackage the information at her disposal. She was free to publish content anytime she wanted.

Typically, these involve politics, families, and national heroes. Her followers find her information on historical Filipino personalities enthralling because the majority of it was not well known. Certainly one of the most historically rich videos on TikTok Philippines right now, without a doubt.


Stitch with amazing camouflage artist @goldieyabes. Let’s talk about the Laperal Family. #kasaysayan #genealogy #backtotiktokskwela

♬ original sound – Mighty Magulang 🇵🇭 – Mighty Magulang

Jefrey Robles (@jefwid1f)

Next on our list is a random geek, who shares his interests, bits of his life, culture, and of course, history. Jefrey Robles is an HR and TikTok creator. With almost 300,00 followers on Tiktok, his content focuses more on the details of Philippines history not frequently taught in schools. His content really proves that not everything is taught at school. He includes people and little facts about our culture and history that we should all be aware of in his content entitled, “Forgotten Details of Philippines Culture and History, that I Find Interesting.”

Screengrab from Jefrey Robles on TikTok

Along with his content, his fans adore the music he selects for his historical documentaries. He plays classic Filipino music that transports his followers back in time and gives them the impression that they are actually there.


Reply to @r_i_c_h_cutiepie Did he deserve it? If his mental illness was considered a factor on why he did those deeds, do you think his sentence would result differently?#Eduwow #Edutok #MentalHealthMonth #MentalHealth #crimetok #horror #historytokph #kapampangan #Learnontiktok #murdercase

♬ Akala’y Totoo (Pangarap Lang Pala) – Sylvia La Torre

Reb Atadero (@rebranger)

Last on our list is a storyteller, and also a talented performer. Reb Atadero is an actor and recording artist, who shares history, bits of his life, and some information that you didn’t know you need. Hector in the musical Ang Huling El Bimbo and Papi in the Philipino rendition of The Band’s Visit are two of his most well-known roles. What’s fascinating about him and his content is the way he narrates it. That is the reason why it’s engaging, compelling, and fun to watch. 

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Photo Credits: Red Atadero

With more than 300,000 followers, his content revolves more around world history. What’s great about it also is how he expounds on the details. You know that it’s really based on research since he puts the sources at the end of his videos. What’s also enticing in his content is how he deciphers the details and relates them to the present time and society. Surely, a content creator you should look out for. 


Holy man or the devil incarnate? Mysterious and Controversial – that’s Rasputin. #fyp #boomnowyouknow #edutok #eduwow #russia #rasputin #mystery

♬ Progressive Progress – Howard Harper-Barnes

“What shall men remember?” – F. Douglass #fyp #edutok #eduwow #tiktokph #civilwar #history

♬ V1rgo – Ambre Jaune

There’s a saying, Google mo Teh! However, not everything can be searched and found on Google. Especially some bits of our history that were not talked about so much, or as Jefrey says, “Forgotten details of the Philippines history.” These content creators create informational videos to make history accessible and can also be part of our daily lives. With just a simple scroll on your For You Page, you can already see accurate details of our history. 

These three individuals are the only content producers that share and provide actual history in their videos. However, a deeper exploration of the Internet and other social media platforms reveals the spread of false information. So, check anything you see online, even educational content, to be assured. Give those who habitually disseminate false information or questionable content no longer a platform. Let’s not forget the fundamental meaning of History Month, which is that we should hold ourselves to higher standards than those of the past. 

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