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Reinventing Comedy: Fonz and His Quirky and Never the Same TikTok Skits and POVs

Reinventing Comedy: Fonz and His Quirky and Never the Same TikTok Skits and POVs

Interestingly, some people now use TikTok as free treatment every time they’re feeling down. As a result, there are now more content creators whose content leans toward comedy. The variety of entertainment you may see on your For You Page (FYP) has evolved, ranging from comedy skits and dubs to Point-of-views (POVs) and parodies. The creators of humorous content on TikTok have been striving to improve it. Fonz (@ribsp) and his iconic mic that appears in all of his videos are one of its finest examples.

Photo Credits: Fonz

Fonz, one of the funniest and most unique TikTok content creators, has garnered more than 500,000 followers on the app. He appears in his videos with a little microphone in hand, and recently he received an invitation to serve as a street correspondent and host for the TikTok Awards Philippines 2022. Indeed, he continues to be a prominent TikTok content creator because of his hilarious personality and undeniable wit.

But behind those continuous milestones of his TikTok career is how he reinvented comedy through his content. From comedy skits and POVs, Fonz shows how comedy has evolved through time with the help of TikTok.

How Fonz reinvents comedy on his TikTok contents:

Fonz and his iconic and never the same concepts 

Fonz is the most inventive and unique TikTok content creator in my opinion because of his concepts. There had never been a concept like it, and Fonz was the only person I could think of who could pull it off. Nobody knew the source of the unimaginable idea that Fonz used in it. Below are my favorite concepts in Fonz’s content.

Photo Credits: Fonz


One of my favorites of his series is perhaps Holdstopper, in which the victim and the suspect fall in love. Derived from the terms holdup and Heartstopper, a teen LGBT comedy-romance series. One of the comedic aspects of it is the way the comedy and plot develop across the videos. Who would have imagined that a victim and a snatcher could fall in love with one another?


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Snatcher sa bus

His “Snatcher sa bus” content is another of his videos that I find to be very humorous. Fonz has consistently created several POVs of multiple and complex characters using a series of various points of view while being snatched off the phone. His empathetic victim is his most well-known POV, and it was recently just released and has already gotten 1.2 million views.


Fonz’s multo series, which features several POVs and sketches, is another iconic concept. He has a ghost that is highly understanding of their akyatbahay and a ghost who teaches humans the proper way to pray. He also has a video about a ghost who leads on the Ghoststopper and other TV shows, among other things.

His POVs also originate from everyday occurrences that are random, which makes his videos funnier and more relatable. There are many POVs in our FYP, but Fonz makes videos that feature experiences that we had no idea other individuals experienced.

He has several ideas under his sleeve that are not just fresh and creative but also humorous and relatable. Additionally, the juxtapositions he makes in his content and the way he mixes two ideas are what give its originality and humor. The way Fonz reimagines humor is through his unique and original POVs and concepts.

His funny lines and dialogues

Undoubtedly, Fonz has always had fresh and entertaining content. But his dialogues—or should I say monologues given that he is the only person in his videos—are what really make them funny and effective. His dialogue is what brings his ideas and characters to life. His content is humorous and never the same because of this, among other reasons. It is more funny and humorous because it is relatable and conversational.

Photo Credits: Fonz

His voiceovers of his supporting characters are entertaining as well, which adds to the originality of the content. I might claim that Fonz improved his comic sketches by adding invisible supporting characters who had hilarious dialogue and voices. In actuality, Fonz’s writing and voiceovers are what give his videos its renown and originality.

I believe Fonz can be another Michael V., who has the ability and imagination to write dialogue and can produce and write comedy skits and narrative comedy programs. He can also create characters that are complex, unique, and memorable. I wish Fonz could become more well-known and break through to the mainstream.

Fonz and his acting skills

His acting skills are the cherry on top of his humorous content. If Fonz decides not to pursue a career as a writer in the future, he might pursue his earlier ambition of becoming an actor. His videos serve as the visual representations of his abilities and he has the face for it. In addition to the witty lines, the delivery of lines of his character, and his acting abilities are what make his videos entertaining and remarkable. His exceptional acting skill is evident in his content, which features a variety of nuanced characters.  

Photo Credits: Fonz

In fact, due to the countless memorable characters Fonz created, his TikTok videos can already serve as his audition tape. His characters are convincing and natural because of his versatility and acting ability.

No doubt that Fonz created this new way of comedy sketches with his unique and funny content. Fonz is one of the original and unique content creators on TikTok. The way his minds work on creating funny lines, diverse content, and an undeniable talent for acting is how he reinvents comedy.

Fonz never runs out of ideas and concepts for his comedy skits. In a short amount of time since he uses TikTok, he manage to create a video that is not only funny but also original and fresh. Fonz is one of those few who can do this quirky and fresh content.

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