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Filipino TikTok Video Creators I Found Funny

Filipino TikTok Video Creators I Found Funny

Tiktok offers different types of content—especially funny videos. Ever since the pandemic, Tiktok has become a source of entertainment for many of us. And since Filipinos are natural at being funny, it is no surprise to find Tiktok video content creators that will make us laugh.

With that being said, here are some of the Filipino Tiktok video creators that I found funny.

Fonz (@ribsp)

The contents of Fonz are unusual (in a good way). He now has 450K followers and 23.3M likes in Tiktok. At first, I did not find him funny, but later on, after watching many of his videos I find myself laughing and catching my breath because I now realized how funny his conversations are with himself.

Here is the content of him bantering with a ghost which is also played by himself:


kaluluwang humingi ng hustisya

♬ original sound – fonz

Sassa Gurl (@itssassagurl)

You probably know the phenomenal Sassa gurl. Their content is probably one of the reasons why I survived loneliness during the first year of the pandemic. Sassa has now 6.2M followers and 268M likes in Tiktok.

Their content about high school is very relatable. I see myself laughing so hard because I used to remember doing the same thing. Most of the time it’s the banters that get me laughing out loud. he’s not talking to themselves. What I like about their videos is the effort they put into each one and every new video never fails to make me laugh or smile.

Here is the content of him set in high school:


every uwian be like:

♬ original sound – Sassa Gurl

AC (@itsacslifebanned)

You may have known him from his Youtube channel It’s AC’s Life. He uploads his videos of traveling in Korea and Japan. I have been a fan since I discovered his channel. Now he’s taking over Tiktok by impersonating the character of Dr. Jill. He makes a good impersonation of different artists as well which made him more known to others.

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Here is the content of him imitating the character of Jodi Sta. Maria in The Broken Marriage Bow, Dr. Jill.

@itsacslifemasikip night of a thousand jodi sta. marias feat. @jodi_stamaria ♬ your daughter is sleeping with my husband – itsacslife

JV Pereira (@jvpereiraaaaa)

I have only discovered him last month. His contents mostly consist of dating dialogues. What’s funny about him is that he always emphasizes his sun sign which is “Leo.” He banters with himself about a certain topic, especially about dating. He has various content, he talks about what to do in the talking stages, his skincare routine, etc.

Here’s the content of him having banter with himself about dating the different zodiac signs.



♬ Pano – Zack Tabudlo

Scrolling through TikTok may be time-consuming. However, people can’t deny how some Tiktok content creators make us laugh. Laughing is a good feeling. Sometimes it’s not bad to be consumed by the things that make us feel good.

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