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These songs saved my life

These songs saved my life

Others often regard music as nothing more than a piece of art. Meant only for entertainment, and treated only as it is. But unlike anybody else, I highly value music. For it has been a part of my life ever since time immemorial. Since I was a child, I find myself drawn to the wonderful melodies and heart-moving lyrics of the songs I listen to.

And as I grew up, music has been my confidant. When nobody was there to help me, I found comfort through the songs I love. And as I overcome the challenges I have had, there are songs that helped me be on track. And as an appreciation to what these songs have been to me, the public ought to know and hear them firsthand.

To those struggling, here are some of the songs that saved me and my sanity. Maybe these can also save you.

Fight Song by Rachel Platten

When I first heard this song, I was really at my lowest. I was struggling with everything. It is as if I was ready to surrender anytime. And luckily enough, I did not.

This song is empowering, as it helps anyone who hears it realize that there is a spark in them. And that was what happened to me. When everything seemed to be just total darkness, this song rekindled the once-lit fire within me. And it paved the way for me to not give up. Truly, this song became my fight song. It has been my go-to anthem whenever I am faced with hardships in life.

Brother by Kodaline

Hardships and challenges, as these test our capabilities, really do get the best of us, sometimes. And most of the time, we get too tired from fighting, especially by doing it alone.

I often wonder what would it be like to have a brother. But after hearing this masterpiece, it is as if I have one myself. I may not have a biological brother, but with this song, I realized I do not need one. As long as there is someone who got my back when I can not do it myself, I am all good. This piece of art really lives up to its lyrics. As I hit on troubled waters, this music kept me warm and safe. And as I was drowning in my thoughts, with its heartwarming lyrics, it helped me breathe.

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Clean by Taylor Swift

There was a time when I felt tarnished, like a wine-stained dress, that was how I felt. This song made me see my worth when nobody else’s. It helped me let someone go who was no longer good for my mental stability. Being into a toxic phase with someone, or overcoming the traumas that used to haunt you day by day. Or letting someone or something go for they do not do you any good. For sure, anyone who experienced any of those can relate to this, as much as I did. And the moment we realized we are already clean, we are reminded to never risk ourselves again.

Taylor Swift really has a knack for making her songs relevant. Maybe it is because of her lyrics, or maybe because of her wonderful tunes and melodies. But for all I care, she writes the best songs today, and this song is not an exception.

I am glad that such songs exist. Not only for entertainment, not only for revenue. I am glad that there are still meaningful songs in the industry that could be of help to those struggling. These songs indeed saved my life. And hoping that these may save those struggling too.

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