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Ed Sheeran songs that will make you want to fall in love even if you’re broken

Ed Sheeran songs that will make you want to fall in love even if you’re broken

Have you been in a situation where you said, “no more love songs for me,” but ended up listing to one because it’s one of Ed Sheeran’s songs? 

The kind of feeling where you want to be healed instantly, without being bitter. You want to simply take the risk of falling in love, but you are still broken.

Personally, that’s what I’ve been feeling whenever I’m listening to Ed Sheeran songs. It’ll make you fall in love with all its concepts. All the highs and lows – you don’t get to pick; you just have to feel. Let’s take a look at these:

Ed Sheeran songs that will change the narrative of love

1. There’s a beauty in waiting for someone you love

When you hear Photograph,” the first thing that you will notice is the song’s melody. It will soothe you. It will get you off your feet and dance with your partner. But if you look at the lyrics closely, it has a definition of endless love. Patient love – the love that is willing to wait for someone, regardless of how painful it is. Because, just like the lyrics said, “it’s the only thing that keeps us alive.” 

And if you hurt me, that’s okay baby only words bleed

Inside these pages, you just hold me

And I won’t ever let you go”

2. If you ever got the chance to pick, choose love

In the song “Supermarket Flowers,” you will see how astonishing writer Ed Sheeran is. He wonderful expressed his heartbroken in a manner that will still drive you to choose to love, over and over.

So despite how painful and scary it is to fall in love with someone, Ed Sheeran wants you to remember that “a life with love is a life that’s been lived.”

“Dad always told me, “Don’t you cry when you’re down,”

But mum, there’s a tear every time that I blink

Oh, I’m in pieces, it’s tearing me up, but I know

A heart that’s broken is a heart that’s been loved”

3. A little moment can create a million first time

Perhaps there were times when you thought that you’d been through everything whilst falling in love. It will never feel new again because you’ve been together for so long or had the best memories with your past. But for Ed Sheeran? If you are with the one you love, every moment is the first time – and will create a million more. Like the song First Times.”

He reminisces all the journey he has been through and all his successes, but no amount of triumph can compare to his wife’s love and his first child. A kind of love that I genuinely wish for everyone to have and should hopefully be looking forward to. 

” Ain’t it funny how the simplest things in life can make a man?

A little moment that pass us by” 

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4. Love is definitely a choice

In his song One,” you will notice the lukewarm feeling of this song. A situation where both parties are waiting, wanting to be together, but due to some circumstances, they can’t. 

But, regardless of it, as always, there is also someone that is waiting on the other side. Someone that is waiting for “the one” to come back. It is only a matter of choice. 

That’s why, Ed Sheeran asked, “would you take away my hopes and dreams, and just stay with me?” A question that you should ask yourself too whether you want to stay or not.

Take my hand and my heart and soul, I will only have these eyes for you

And you know, everything changes but, We’ll be strangers if we see this through

You could stay within these walls and bleed, or just stay with me?

As a Sheerios, I could guarantee that these are just a few among all his beautiful songs – ones that will allow you want to fall in love, be hurt, encouraged, and be vulnerable. 

Moreover, there are emotions that only Ed Sheeran can express beautifully. A comfort that lies in his lyrics that words can’t even comprehend.

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