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The Presidential Power and Privilege


The Presidential Power and Privilege

The President of a country has a flattering title given to any qualified being who labors to serve the people. While it is true that, “With great power comes great responsibility“, being a president has its own perks.

The highest position in the office belongs to the executive branch therefore, they are given great power and privileges. The President is the Head of State and Government, as well as the Commander-in-Chief of the Philippine Armed Forces. The President, as chief executive, has authority over all executive departments, bureaus, and offices according to Article VII, Section 1, of the 1987 Constitution.

Power of the President

Here are some of the power of the President that is based on the Administrative Code of the 1987 Constitution:

Head of the State

The President has the overall power in the executive branch. This indicates that he/she has the right and authority to appoint, remove and transfer personnel between offices.

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces

As the supreme commander, he/she has the authority to order and direct the operations of the nautical and military forces. All of these are under his/her command, to use them as he/she pleases to protect and defend the country.

Power over Non-Filipinos in the Ph

Under the law, the President settles who stays or doesn’t in the country. His/her power covers the ability to repatriate, change the status of residency of the foreigners, and overrule the Board of Commissioners of the Bureau of Immigration.

Presidential Privileges

The President also has been given substantial privileges. Some of them are the following:

Executive Privilege

President has the authority to keep information from Congress, the courts, and Filipino citizens to protect his/her independence.

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Presidential Immunity

This privilege indicates that the President cannot be sued in any civil or criminal case in the office.

Salaries and Security

As the highest position, the President receives almost half a million each month. He was also provided trained presidential security group that accompanies him everywhere to keep him safe.

Other Privileges

Aside from a huge amount of salary, other privileges include having a car, yacht, and helicopter used for both personal and professional purposes.


Let us ponder our choices carefully, as we exercise our right to vote in the 2022 elections. Let’s crave good governance because Filipinos deserve better. As we cast our vote today, may we vote for a President who can amplify our voices, and address the needs of all of us, especially the marginalized society. You can also listen to some of the best Filipino songs that can awaken your political consciousness. So, whose President do you cast your hopes for our country today?

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