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The Different Content Creators of Fandoms

The Different Content Creators of Fandoms

If you’re a fan of something or someone, you try to find more content on online platforms and spaces. You’re usually successful because it’s not such an impossible idea that a lot of people out there share your interests. One of the best things is that they’re also as enthusiastic about them as you. That’s how fandoms are. In these online communities of fans, we encounter different content creators. 


When they finish a book or film, some fans look for more content that would continue the story or maybe provide an additional and inner perspective. Maybe a fix-it fic to the happy ending they never got? 

Fanfictions are quite popular in fandoms. They are written by fans themselves, where they present their own interpretations of the characters and their plot. They also explore the fictional world and imagine and reimagine the scenarios.

There are also quite a large number of works set in different alternate universes and even crossovers of fandoms are popular. Fanfictions of famous people exist as well. Fanfiction writers can be found on various online platforms.

We have Tumblr which is where most of the fandoms congregate. There is which is the OG (original) as some of the older fan fiction readers would say. Even on Twitter, you’ll find stories in threads or set in a social media AU (alternate universe). Wattpad is also a big platform but the most beloved of all is Archive of Our Own or Ao3. You can think of it as a cave but once you step inside, there is a treasure all around.

Many fans from different communities have expressed their admiration for fanfiction writers. They are creatively brilliant and their works can range from 1000 to 200,000 words which are already like reading a published novel. Believe it or not, there are readers out there who have at least 30 tabs open and they would forgo sleep to finish a fanfiction.


Another talented demographic in fandom is the fan artists. They illustrate their favorite characters and scenes with their own style. Just like fanfiction writers, they can also imagine and reimagine some scenarios. There are fan artists who also read fanfiction and they draw the parts that they like. Imagine if your favorite fanfiction writer and fan artist interacted!

Charcoal, digital, pencil, oil, watercolor, and many more. You’ll find the art in various mediums shared on platforms such as Tumblr, Twitter, DeviantArt, Instagram, and Facebook. Celebrities would even share fan arts of them on their social media.

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However, fan artists are facing the problem of reposting, especially if their works don’t have watermarks. Part of the community or not, there would be people who would try to pass the art of others as their own. Sometimes, others repost without credits.


Have you seen any fan-made trailers for the books you like that haven’t been adapted into a movie? Yes, there are video editors in fandom and they can create trailers that are so real they can pass off as official ones. They can even make one for a particular fanfiction. There are also video editors who create a compilation of their favorite artists according to a theme or a trend.

Creatives also come in the form of graphic designers. They can design an imagined album cover and promotional posters for their favorite musicians. They can edit a plain photo into something livelier and more colorful. Their visual concepts are admirable. Graphic designers are quite the artists and absolute professionals at what they do. 


A lot of effort goes into cosplaying because imagine the costume or outfit they have to assemble. It could be made entirely from scratch! Then, there is the hair and make-up to look exactly like the characters. It takes many tries to get it right while still adding their own little flourish and touch. In the end, you can’t help but be awed at their talent. It becomes tenfold when you see them in person during conventions and similar events. 

Being a part of a fandom is a great experience. You meet a lot of people, you engage with different kinds of content, and you can even share your own. Communities such as this can be so appreciative of creativity and enthusiasm for it. If you have your favorite fanfiction writers, fan artists, editors, designers, and cosplayers, make sure to send them your love!

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