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Anime Conventions And What I Miss About Them

Anime Conventions And What I Miss About Them

Anime Conventions are several of the events I am really looking forward to. It became a tradition for me and my friends to attend cons every year. The first time I went to a convention is back in 2015. I tag along with a friend and her brother, It’s Ozine Fest and It was held in SM Megamall in Ortigas. It’s really fun however, comparing that event to the others that I have attended, that Anime Convention is the worst. Well, I’ve waited in line for 4 hours just to get a ticket, enjoyed the event for 2 hours at most then had a hard time going home.

The last time I went to a convention was in 2019. The event is Cosplay Matsuri which is usually happening every December. That event is the most memorable of all, I have a lot of friends with me at that time. It’s so fun we never would have thought that it would be the last time. Now, 2 years after the pandemic began, we’re trying to get back to the way we used to be. Conventions are resuming with extra precautions now, and how I wish I could attend I really can’t help missing it.

Anime Conventions And What I Miss About Them


Cosplaying is a performance art in which a person dresses up as fictional characters and represents them. At every Anime convention, you will see a cosplayer flaunting their creativeness in the costumes they wear. It is such an experience seeing them in the event, especially if they are cosplaying my favorite character. Sometimes they come in a group and they will do some awesome photoshoots, posing with their props. I miss seeing cosplayers and gushing over their cool outfits and props.

Anime Merchandise

Anime merchandise during anime conventions is being sold at cheap prices. Whenever I plan to go to a convention I always save a lot of money so I could buy lots of merch. I really love buying rubber strap keychains, posters, and shirts those are all I can afford. I’m always on the lookout for second-hand manga and official artbooks. Next time, I will buy a figurine and a Nendoroid, I always want one.

Artist booths

When there’s an anime convention, there’s an artist booth. My very first destination when I enter the venue of the convention is straight to the artist booths. Artists participate in this event to sell their own creations and their merchandise. I love buying from them because I know I’m helping their business. I really want to experience setting up my own booth at a convention, I still do right now. However, I don’t have the confidence to sell my works, maybe someday. Seeing those artists always inspires me to hone my own craft.

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Anime convention Food

Food is always present in a convention. They are much more expensive however, it’s authentic Japanese food and being sold by a Japanese vendor. I am specifically talking about takoyaki and okonomiyaki. There’s this one stall that is always present during Cosplay Mania and Cosplay Matsuri that sells those. Their food is the most delicious takoyaki I have ever eaten a bit on the expensive side, still, it’s worth it.

Most of all I miss my friends

An anime convention is a lot more fun if you’re with your friends. I haven’t seen some of my friends since the last time we went to the anime convention. Sure, we have contacts through social media however, being with them in person and enjoying the event is more fun. I miss fangirling with them every time we see a merch from our favorite series. Be on the lookout for cosplayers. Going shopping spree and eating takoyaki.

A lot has changed in 2 years, anime convention may not be the same as I remember. Nevertheless, the purpose of the convention is to express and have fun, this I’m sure will never change.

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