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Here’s why life is never boring for Hallyu fans

Here’s why life is never boring for Hallyu fans

No Valentine’s day date? no problem, no boyfriend/girlfriend? Not a problem at all. Not married? It’s no big deal. Single? Yes. Happy and contented? Yes, super! Let me tell you something about my ‘bias’ (most favorite person in a group)! If not all, most of the K-Pop or K-drama fans can relate to that. 

Hallyu or “Korean wave” has taken over the worldwide scene, from mouth-watering street food to skincare regimens to achieve “glass skin” to record-breaking music and award-winning dramas, and movies. Fans of Hallyu have a distinct “fan culture,” which is to be passionate about their bias, this is one of the reasons why Hallyu is very popular now.

Here’s why life is never boring for Hallyu fans

For some people, being single means the end of the world. They are continuously finding their ‘the one’ that sometimes leads to being heartbroken. 

For a fangirl/fanboy, it’s a whole different story. Fans are loyal to their ‘bias’ forever. They know that they are just someone from that whole crowd but they still live in those beautiful fantasies that someday their bias will notice them.

K-Pop idols shower fans with a lot of content. Aside from albums, they also create exclusive content for fans. They go live whenever they can. They also upload some behind-the-scene videos or vlogs. And that excitement every 12 am KST, waiting for your favorite group to drop something. If your favorite group is currently promoting, you will be getting more content.

Before the pandemic, there were a lot of events like fan meetings and concerts. Fans also organized cup sleeve events, K-Pop cover dance and singing contests, and K-Pop conventions.

With fans being passionate about their bias they sometimes tend to forget their personal life. However, most fans would rather watch a music video or Korean drama than go out on a date. They invest most of their time into fangirling or fanboying instead of dating, well at least for me. Hallyu is more like a lifestyle for them.

Fans are happy and contented even if they are distant from their bias

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They don’t expect anything in return for the love, money, and passion they gave. As they say, fans are insane for spending money on a *simple paper* (photocards). But there’s more to it than that. It’s their money, and those small bits of paper gave them happiness. When you insult their idols, you are also insulting their preference as a person. 

Fangirls and fanboys can still feel loved through their co-fandoms. Who needs a girlfriend or boyfriend if you have your co-fandom friend who deeply understands your interest?

Not all people will understand. Being a fangirl or fanboy is also a forever commitment. It’s not just a hobby. It’s their life. Just like any relationship, fangirls and fanboys also feel heartbroken sometimes. People thought fans live a lonely life when it gives them genuine happiness and it’s never boring.

Status? Fanboy. 

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