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Steven Siao, breaking norms in the local beauty community

Steven Siao, breaking norms in the local beauty community

Make-up is conventionally known as something that is used to alter one’s appearance. Make-up artists, on the other hand, are almost always known as the giver of glitz and glamour. However, in a crowd of glitter and glam, you can pluck out Steven Siao right away. This is because his unorthodox take on beauty can easily be spotted.

Steven Siao believes that one’s flaws are major parts of their identity.

One should celebrate them instead of hiding them. This is why his make-up method includes enhancing a person’s natural features rather than hiding their “flaws.”

A lot of people would agree that enhancing one’s natural facial structure rather than covering up imperfections can make people a lot more comfortable and confident with their own skin.

For Steven Siao, subtlety is key. In a roomful of people rocking loud and bold make-up looks, his natural-inspired work would be a head-turner. You can learn and see more about his work on his official Instagram page.

His unique ideals of beauty is not the only way Steven breaks away from the norm.

This artist goes beyond his brushes and palettes, and his creativity flies as tall as the high-risers in the city. Currently taking up his bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Steven is a working student which makes him have another outlet for his creativity.

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It is admirable how people like him have the grit to follow multiple dreams at once. But of course, he extends his gratitude to his mentors, friends, and his mother for being the support he needs in his venture.

Believe in yourself and don’t let other people confuse you.

These words are from Steven Siao himself when asked what his message to his younger self would be. Words that are fitting to be told as well for the young ones in the local beauty community.

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