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2021 Make-Up Trends, as told by Filipino celebrity make-up artist

2021 Make-Up Trends, as told by Filipino celebrity make-up artist

We, here in Village Pipol Magazine, won’t act like we’re not excited for a fresh, new year. Sure, we expect plenty of curveballs in 2021. Of course, we wouldn’t forget about the spirit of 2020 like constant mask-wearing and less IRL interaction will continue to be our reality in 2021. Don’t fret! There is a piece of good news beneath all that. You can experiment with all things fashion and beauty. It will be cathartic, fun, and will surely be a great way to spike your creative juices.

2021 Make-Up Trends, as told by Filipino celebrity make-up artist

Filipino celebrity make-up artist Guillano Valenzuela is happy to let us take a peek through 2021’s beauty lens.

Expect drama!

With the constant mask-wearing as protection against COVID-19, 2021’s main make-up trend will be all about the eyes. Smoldering eye looks will reign supreme among the 2021 make-up trend set. With all eyes on eyes, Valenzuela predicts lots of playfulness when it comes to bright-colored liners and mascaras, as well as technicolor lashes.

“Expect dramatic colors and shadows this coming year. As Pantone releases ‘Ultimate Gray’ and ‘Illuminating’ as the color of the year, it will surely affect multiple industries including fashion. These colors will surely be seen on eye makeups, whether as a liner or as shadows. The bold, graphic eyeliner trend isn’t going anywhere so try to use other colors instead. Swap out your regular black liner for a bright yellow and draw a crisp cat eye for a dramatic and flirty feel.”

“If you’re not into a dramatic smokey eye, use colored mascara instead. It’s so easy- just prep your lashes with white lash primer, then layer on two to three coats of mascara with your chosen color. Or if you are kinda allergic to colorful eye makeup and want to stick on neutrals, then you might want to try the Glossy-Eye Makeup look instead. Doing this trend is kinda tricky so make sure to use a cream shadow before applying a clear gloss on your lids. It will surely give you a stand out eye makeup than others.”

Don’t forget about the lips!

With the constant mask-wearing as protection against COVID-19, it surely creates a barrier between us and having fun with our make-up. Although make-up looks will focus solely on the eyes, Valenzuela pointed out that you still shouldn’t forget your lips. There has been a definitive shift in focus from our pouts but that doesn’t mean we’ll have no need for a megawatt lip moment in the coming year.

“LipsStain and Lip oil will be in trend since normally our face is always covered by a mask. It’s time to relax your lips from matte bright colors and focus instead of taking care of it by using Lip Oils/Glosses to moisturize.”

“At the end of the day, I still think that 2021 should be the year of your own aesthetics, 2020 has been a rough year for us, and it’s time for us to be more relax, cheerful, positive and follow our own comfortable trend.”

Model | Ishi Tuazon

Creative Direction | William Guzman

Photography | Ume VC

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Assisted by Aleona Baluyot and Lyle Mejia

Makeup | Guillano Valenzuela

If you want to know more about Guillano Valenzuela’s make-up services, visit Signature by Guillano, his brand’s social media accounts.



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