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Achieving Aegyo-sal, Trending Korean Make-up

Achieving Aegyo-sal, Trending Korean Make-up

Apart from K-POP, K-Beauty is also storming up the world featuring new concepts of make-up and drawing thousands of followers to join the trend. Aegyo-sal is one of the trends that lately have been popping up on different social media platforms.

A beauty trend like this was popularized in Korea and appears to make your eye plum in an attractive way. This trend appears to use a surgical procedure to achieve a lasting effect. But the demand for plastic surgery makes others question it. Because of this Aegyo Sal make-up is seen as more convenient than surgery.

Let’s deep dive into this crazy trend and know how to achieve your perfect aegyo-sal using only the power of make-up.

Aegyo-sal in surgery

The most lasting way to achieve aegyo-sal is through plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a common way to enhance your feature in K-Beauty. But more conservative countries like the Philippines are skeptical of this method because it “destroys” your natural beauty. A procedure like this hasn’t been popularized that’s why others aren’t liking it.

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However, achieving aegyo-sal only requires a fat injection that tends to last 5-10 years if taken care of. It’s like face and lip fillers that enhance your features. This procedure usually injects the lower part of your eye filling it to look plum and achieve a cute feature.

Make-up trends for Aegyo-sal

As I mentioned earlier, the other option for aegyo-sal look is practicing and enhancing your skills through make-up. It’s important to practice your look as minimal as it gets and shouldn’t be overdone to look more natural. A practice and experimental technique in make-up can have a big factor in improving aegyo-sal. It’s important to fully know your facial feature and then decide to practice the look.

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But here are some tips to create an aegyo-sal illusion with make-up:

  1. Clean your face and make sure to apply a base such as foundation before the eye application.
  2. Smile! This helps bring your natural look. Color it using a brown shade and contour to outline right under and puff out your aegyo-sal.
  3. Use a beige shade to fill the area.
  4. Gently blend the brown contour until it blends with the beige shade naturally.
  5. Add glitter to finish the look, especially the inner eye corner. This will help your aegyo-sal to appear brighter.

If you are not satisfied with the look, it’s okay. It’s important to note that achieving this requires practice. Likewise, you can search the web for more tips and watch videos to help.

Video credit from: YouTube/Elle Jess

A word of advice

Aegyo-sal is one of the trends that test your skills in achieving the beauty that you want. What’s important is you always look at yourself with confidence in everything. Patience and practice are virtues for achieving a perfect k-beauty look. Therefore, many options are there for you to consider, and always have fun doing what you want.

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