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VP/Cover | Yeng Constantino: Rocking through the art of reinvention

VP/Cover | Yeng Constantino: Rocking through the art of reinvention

In a world that revolves in uncertainties, any opportunity to become definite and consistent takes us into a state of assurance, but for the likes of Yeng Constantino who finds the fuel in colors and adventures, unpredictability and experiments take her into the beautiful journey—the art of reinvention.

Being in the industry for almost 18 years now, the Philippine Pop Rock Royalty has served us different eras that remain remarkable up to the present. Growing up seeing Yeng in her phases, delivering us supreme hairstyles in iconic vibrant colors and unique fashion styles just made our pop culture-loving hearts just so full.

She has always been a significant part of the Filipino pop culture and music scene. Her writing prowess, moving melodies, and powerful vocals combined with her burning passion for music and genuine desire to share it to the world compose the perfect formula to becoming the Filipino music royalty that she is today.

Art of Resonance: The Sound of Yeng Constantino

More than the remarkable visuals, Yeng has always been consistent in serenading the Filipino ears with her hit songs that years after their debuts remain our favorite and go-to karaoke songs every time we got the chance to hold the mic. Nobody forgets “Hawak Kamay” that we sang way too many times to our friends during graduation; “Salamat” that we dedicated to our parents and teachers during their special days, and “Jeepney Love Story” that we all listened to while we sat beside our crushes or even the cute strangers we met in our jeepney rides.

Even the pop rock hitmaker herself finds it a mystery every time she encounters someone from the younger generation—way younger than the time her songs became hits—still sings them as if they were born in those years.

Kapag nakikita ko ‘yong mga tao, even ‘yong mga mas bata pa na generation, kapag kumakanta ng mga kanta ko na napakaluma, nahihiwagaan ako, e. Parang ‘Grabe, ‘no? Inisip mo ba ‘to no’ng 14 years old ka? No’ng sinusulat mo ‘yang Hawak Kamay, na hanggang sa taon na ‘to, natatandaan pa siya ng mga tao? Inisip mo ba na at this age, aakyat ka pa rin ng stage and people will still sing along with you?’ Hindi ko talaga ‘yon maarok, e. 

-Yeng Constantino on seeing younger ones who sing her hits

Talking about her hit songs, “Ikaw” probably has been one of the sweetest and most romantic songs of Yeng Constantino that none of us would ever forget. It became a witness to many emotional walks of brides down the aisle. But who knew that a decade after the world first felt that immense kilig after hearing “Ikaw”, Yeng would give us a sequel that gives the same romance with a different flavor? And that is one her latest singles, “Kung Uulitin”.

It’s just that parang ‘yong gap between “Ikaw” and itong kanta (“Kung Uulitin”) na ‘to, years bago ulit ako nakasulat ng kanta tungkol sa personal na nararamdaman ko tungkol sa asawa ko, so kaya sobrang importante siya sa akin na song. There are ano, e—feelings na hindi mo ma-describe minsan sa letra.

-Yeng Constantino, sharing the reason behind the gap between her two songs

The intense emotions that Yeng felt writing “Kung Uulitin” justifies the moving feeling that it gives to its listeners. Her writing process began just one mundane morning while Yan, her husband, listened to an album of a rock band, and she suddenly felt this “magical feeling” that moved her to translating them into a song

Sabi ko [sa asawa ko], ‘wait lang, love parang kailangan kong pumunta ng office ko, wait lang.’ Tapos sinara ko ‘yong pinto, ta’s sumulat ako. Tapos nasulat ko siya—first stanza—and parang chorus pa lang—tapos habang sinusulat ko, habang sinasabi ko ‘yong mga letra, habang kinakanta ko sa sarili ko ‘yong song, hindi ko siya matapos. Humagulgol ako, umiiyak ako.

-Yeng Constantino, remembering the composition process of “Kung Uulitin”

Indeed, her genuine heart, strong passion, and time allowed the art of resonance in the sound of Yeng Constantino.

Warning: The Art of Reinvention

Being the creative, experimental, and adventurous person she is, Yeng Constantino continues to break into the barriers of art and music, consistently discovering her new sound and constantly introducing a new version of her. And this artistic journey of the pop rock royalty lives in her sophomore track, “Babala” from her upcoming album under Republic Records. The title alone surely tickled the Yengsters’ hearts as it teases them on something new and unclear but leaves them a strong statement—a warning of what lies ahead.

The release of this song thrills Yeng who admitted she has never shared this side of her to the world yet nor wrote a song similar to this. The Philippine Pop Rock Royalty is entering a new era of music, artistry, and herself. And this time around, she promises a stronger and braver sound of a Yeng Constantino.

Hindi pa ako nakapaglabas ng ganitong kanta, na mas may edge, mas may suntok, mas may dilim, mas may kurot, na upbeat, ahh. Tapos funk na rock, na gano’n. So excited ako, kung anong magiging reaksyon ng fans [dito] sa track na ito.

-Yeng Constantino

Her excitement in sharing this song to the people, especially to the Yengsters lies beneath the message that “Babala” conveys, which she believes many will find relatable. Yeng unleashes the voice inside us all—the untold words every time we were inched to our edges by the people who knows no boundaries.

Parang feeling ko, lahat ng tao, naka-experience na ng ganito, na parang ini-imagine mo na when you’re mad at someone—na parang you’re drawing a boundary, na ‘okay, hanggang diyan lang. ‘Wag mong i-cross ‘yong boundary ko kasi baka hindi ako mapigilan sa loob ko; na baka mayroon akong gawin.'”

-Yeng Constantino on the meaning behind her track, “Babala”

The pop rock royalty, through this sophomore track, wants to radiate the thrill that filled her heart writing and recording this song in the studio towards her supporters. Yeng even admitted that she hasn’t felt this level of excitement for quite some time now, and so she is certain on the energy and passion that were poured out for it that drove her motivation even stronger to dare to experiment and give something new.

‘Yon lang talaga motivation ko—gusto ko, excited ako, gusto ko, happy ako when I release something. I want to release something that I am satisfied and proud about… Kaya ‘yong inspiration talaga sa paggawa ng bagong sound, bagong track, o dati paiba-iba ako ng buhok, paiba-iba ako ng fashion kasi para sa akin ‘yon ‘yong fuel ko to keep on going sa industry. Kasi wala, e mamamatay ‘yong fire

-Yeng Constantino on the motivation behind her new era

State of the Art: The Birth of a New Yeng

Talking about Yeng Constantino’s phases in her artistic journey, her music videos surely left our jaws dropped with her fresh concepts, excellent visuals, and relevance as Filipino audience. Who forgets the relatable “Jeepney Love Story” music video that reminded us of how close we get to our crushes as the vehicle stops by a school? Everybody remembers the kilig that “Chinito” music video brought us with its fusion of oriental and Filipino vibe, plus the Enchong Dee appearance throughout the MV!

Her music and everything about it composes a state of the art that never fails to mark the beginning of a new era of a Yeng Constantino. And this time around, the pop rock royalty is also thrilled to share to her fans the official MV for her song, “Babala”. Since the track features a stronger and braver song, the music video gives us a side of Yeng Constantino that she used to live only in her dreams—an action star!

Sabi ko, ‘Gusto kong gumawa ng music video, gusto kong maging action star,’ so sa music video ng Babala, may action scenes ako… kasi since ‘yong kanta ko nga, di ba medyo may kurot, medyo may darkness, medyo may angst, so parang sabi ko sa kanila, may kaunting violence.

-Yeng Constantino, sharing her excitement for the MV release of Babala

While aiming for a cinematic visual feast, Yeng wanted to preserve the Filipino elements in the music video to make it more relatable to her audience. She wanted the viewers to think of her character just as someone they know and interact with in the neighborhood while enjoying the action-oriented scenes while wearing iconic outfits, that the pop rock royalty rehearsed on the same day of their shoot!

And speaking of a new era, not only the new version of a Yeng Constantino will the world witness in the music video; social media influencer, Macoy Dubs also appears in the MV, serving us another character apart from his usual ‘Tita of Manila’ vibe. And Yeng just can’t be grateful enough for the content creator’s willingness to be part of this state of the art of her new era.

Excited na rin akong makita n’yo ‘yong video na ‘to kasi ito ‘yong nagpu-fuel sa akin—when I do something new—exciting when it makes us grow—part ‘yong music video na ‘to.

-Yeng Constantino, expressing her excitement for the viewers to see the MV

Art of Reminiscing: Journey of Dream and Gratitude

Following Yeng Constantino’s almost 18 years of rocking through the music industry, she surely had a colorful journey as an artist who began with a passion of a dreamer and now holds a grateful heart. She always goes back to her humble beginnings as an artist, remembering the significant role of his father to the artist she is in the present.

‘Yong papa ko, grabe niyang diniligan ang confidence ko no’ng time na high school student ako na palaging ukay ang damit at kulay brown palagi—walang kaitsu-istura, para akong naligo sa ilog—’yong buhok ko parang na-blond sa arawan. Grabe ‘yong confidence na binigay sa akin ng papa ko.

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-Yeng Constantino on her humble beginnings

From the high school dreamer she was, Yeng became the Philippine Pop Rock Royalty, stepping onto many stages and sharing her talent to the world. Throughout these experiences, she also encountered circumstances that taught her the lessons of life, writing the warning sign that she would always tell herself.

Listen to my body all the time. Kasi nagse-send ng signals ‘yong body ko when I’m tired. At the same time, when you lose your passion in what you do, when you just wanna stay at home, and ‘pag gusto mo ng madilim palagi—that’s a sgn na ‘yong body mo—it’s really exhausted and you need to love yourself. So dapat lagi akong makinig, dapat lagi akong in-tune with my body kasi how can I give creatively? How can you give passionately as a performer o bilang katrabaho ng co-artists ko o ng handler ko—how can I give kung ako sobrang empty na?

-Yeng Constantino on the warning she keeps in her mind

In the present, Yeng is certain that she did not just attained her dreams but even exceeded, and so left with nothing but a heart so grateful for everything and everyone instrumental to her journey. She is most grateful for her husband, Yan, who is a constant reminder of her worth and talent as a person.

Sobrang grateful ako sa asawa ko kasi siya yong nagbibigay sa akin ng confidence kapag may times na nagkakaroon ako ng self-doubt. Binabalik niya ako roon sa mga bagay na nagawa ko na. ‘Yon lang—’yong constant reminder na ‘yon, nakakalimutan ko ‘yon, e. 

-Yeng Constantino, expressing her gratitude for her husband

The pop rock royalty also recognizes the people she worked with and continues to work with for their support, advice, and guidance.

Grateful ako sa manager ko—kay Ericson Raymundo. Hindi ako makapaniwala na m-in-anage niya ako. He really trusted me sa kung saan niya nakikitang papunta ang career ko. Grabe, sa loob ng ilang taon ko sa Cornerstone, lahat ng sinabi ni Kuya Ericson, natupad—kung ano ‘yong na-envision niya. 

-Yeng Constantino on her gratefulness for the help of her manager

Grateful din ako sa mga nagtiwala sa akin kahit di ko na sila katrabaho ngayon—sa Star Music for allowing me to grow. Grateful ako na binigay nila ‘yong catalogue ko sa ‘kin. ‘Yong ibang tao, natatapos ang relationship sa gano’n kasi business ‘yan, e pero hindi.

-Yeng Constantino, expressing her gratitude for the support of the individuals she has worked with in the past

She also thanked her family who had been there even before the world knew the early versions of Yeng Constantino.

Grateful ako sa support ng family ko. ‘Yong mom ko kasi wala na, siyempre pero alam ko na hanggang ngayon, ‘yong mom ko, gina-guide ako sa lahat ng bagay na ginagawa ko ngayon. Nararamdaman ko pa rin siya until now.

-Yeng Constantino on her gratefulness for her family

And lastly, to her fans, the Yengsters, who have shown immense support and love to the pop rock royalty that pushed her to give even more.

Grateful ako sa lahat ng fans ko, na tinanggap ako sa lahat ng phases ni Yeng Constantino—paiba-iba kung ano’ng trip ko. Di ko rin alam kung bakit pero salamat for accepting me for who I am–-sa lahat ng fashion, hair color na dinaanan ko—lahat ng roles na ginampanan ko—as a vlogger, as an actress, as tindera, as a gamer. Isa sila sa pinakamalaking inspirasyon kung bakit ako laging excited na gumawa ng something na bago

-Yeng Constantino, thanking her Yengsers for their love and support

Looking through her journey, the pop rock royalty has shared her heart, passion, and genuineness to the world that made her the icon she is today. Her artistry is rooted in dreams and gratefulness. And through these, the world openly welcomes the ever-changing versions of a Yeng Constantino who rocks through the art of reinvention.

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Words by Chud David Dulay


PHOTOGRAPHY | Aki Gubatana and Jewel Salas (Cornerstone Digital)
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