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Stain those smackers with Careline Stain With Me!

Stain those smackers with Careline Stain With Me!

Anyone who knows me would know how much I love doing my makeup. It doesn’t matter what my day entails. Be it plain as usual or full of ganaps – I intend to look as fresh and ready as I can be before I face my day.

And OMG! I found something recently that must’ve been heaven-sent because this product fits exactly my needs!

Careline Stain With Me. Photo by Joma dela Merced

Meet the Careline Stain With Me! It’s been a week since I’ve come across these lip stains, and I’ve honestly been sooo obsessed with them.

I have been a lip tint lover ever since. For me, it is the easiest product to use on the lips. It’s subtle yet still has enough color to make a statement.  And my need to use tints really intensified during the pandemic.

The usual lipsticks that we used to use were seldom an option as those usually transfer on the mask. And we were – are – required to wear masks all the time. But, as someone putlain such as myself, I still wanted to have a hint of color on my lips when I remove my mask.

And let me tell you that Careline Stain With Me is one of the best mask-proof lip products I know!

Stain With Me Product Details

Careline Stain With Me in Pleased. Photo by Joma dela Merced

The Careline Stain With Me is packed in individual boxes that have all the product details you have to know.

After you remove the box, you’ll be greeted by a lip stain in a frosted rectangular container. Not much is written on it aside from the brand, Careline, and the product name ‘Stain With Me’. And personally, I think these details add to the premium feel of the product.

I personally love that there are six shades available. The shades are a bit confusing to know just based on the packaging or through its frosted acrylic container, so trying it is key.

The difference may seem subtle, but I swear swatching it on the lips makes all the difference!

How Stain With Me Works

Careline Stain With Me swatch. Photo by Joma dela Merced

I’d love to commend Careline for formulating a product that’s pigmented and buildable.

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And I’m not even exaggerating when I say that you can work with as little as few dots to create a gradient lip and look fresh. Otherwise, you can build a full lip to achieve a different vibe and it will still be perfect.

To add to its package, Careline Stain With Me has a beautifully shaped curved doe-foot applicator that’s comfortable to use! It’s really something

Careline Stain With Me doe-foot applicator. Photo by Joma dela Merced

One of Stain With Me’s strong suits is it doesn’t t just sit on your lips. Its color transfers on the lips! Yes, this makes it at least 80 percent transfer-proof! I tried wearing it during various ganaps. While eating, while on shoot, and as I go on with my day-to-day ganaps – and it stays like magic!

Love, love, love how it does not dry my lips. Thanks to the infused Shea Butter which helps not just with moisture retention but instead adds on the plumping look after application.

Careline Stain With Me. Photo by Joma dela Merced

Yes, you can now go on with your day-to-day schedule as kikay, as prepared, and as not putlain as you can be! This sulit product guarantees the best effects so go visit their Shopee and Lazada stores to grab your very own Careline Stain With Me products now for only Php165 each.

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