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Filipino Makeup Artists: Hall of Fame Edition

Filipino Makeup Artists: Hall of Fame Edition


The beauty and fashion industry will not progress or let’s say have a rapid upward trajectory without the makeup artists. Yes, they are always in the background, but they are responsible for making our fave celebs cover worthy. They set the trend, those iconic looks that we went crazy for — so it’s best to pay tribute to their artistry. These makeup artists are the modern day Leonardo da Vinci, they are the creative minds behind the beauty of every red carpet look of our adored stars. Just a few days ago, we’ve celebrated the best makeup artists of 2019. Now, we’re featuring the pillars of the industry who have become icons of any aspiring makeup artist. Scroll further to see the living legends and let’s celebrate the Hall of Famers as our opening salvo for 2020.

1.  Juan Sarte

The sound of his name ‘Juan’ (#1) says a lot about his greatness. Everyone in the beauty industry can attest to his domination and longevity, and he’s still one of the most sought after celebrity makeup artists until today, having Judy Anne Santos and Maine Mendoza in his long list of A-list portfolio.


2. Ting Duque

Miss Ting as what they usually call her is the first woman to be a celebrity makeup artist. She has overcome adversity and has pushed boundaries in this male dominated beauty industry. Many have doubted her before, but proven them all wrong and she’s now one of the people that makeup artists look up to. She’s now continuing the legacy by sharing years of expertise with her own YouTube channel entitled as Ting Duque. Bea Alonzo and Miss Charo Santos-Concho are some of her muses.


3. Lala Flores

This renowned international model turned celebrity make-up artist is next on our list. Aside from being a creative consultant for Avon, she’s the founder and creative director of her own brushes and sponges named iCandy Pro Beauty. One of the most revered in the industry and with 30 years of experience, she’s trusted by many like Angel Locsin and Julia Barretto.


4. Denise Ochoa

Denise is the wife of actor Dominic Ochoa but she was able to create a name for herself because of her undeniable skills. Fresh and natural make-up is her distinctive signature style and she’s now the go to MUA of Kathryn Bernardo.


5. Mickey See

Mickey got popular with his barely-there, natural makeup. Going for an effortless, more natural look is more complex than most of us think, but it is his expertise no wonder why Liza Soberano is smitten with the way he does his make-up.


6. Jigs Mayuga

One of the most respected artists in the industry, Jigs is known for his passion and eloquence which made him able to do master classes to share his vast experience and to influence aspiring artists — no wonder why dubbed him as a genius. Now he’s an educator at the Center for Aesthetics Studies (CAS), but prior to that, he was a flight attendant before pursuing his lifelong dream.


7. Albert Kurniawan

Albert is an Indonesian makeup artist who became one of the most recognizable names in the country for setting trends. Not being a native Filipino didn’t stop him from being adored in the beauty industry. Most recently, he launched his own make-up brand, Teviant. He envisions the brand to be a representation that will celebrate the strong and versatile women around him — that says a lot about his commitment to making his endeared clients feel good about themselves.


8. Rb Chanco

Rb is behind the great looks of Miss Charo Santos-Concho and Kris Aquino, two of the most iconic women in the country. If that doesn’t impress you, then we don’t know what will. More than a year ago, she launched her very own book called RBeautified, a beautifully crafted and informative read about make-up.


9. Robbie Pinera

Robbie values consistency over short-lived effort that’s why he’s most trusted by Anne Curtis. His work has launched so many commercials and to-die-for looks of the one and only “Dyosa” of the country. His dedication kept him on top and well-recognized all throughout these years.



10. Owen Sarmiento

Owen is known for his innovative techniques and no-fear, out of the box approach. He dares to experiment and try something out of the ordinary, that’s why he’s well-loved by Maymay Entrata.


11. Gela Laurel Stehmeier

Gela is the other half of the sibling powerhouse in the fashion and beauty industry — Rajo Laurel is the other one. With her awesome skills, she was able to establish her own niche and created a name for herself. She didn’t allow herself to be overshadowed in spite of her brother dominating the fashion world.


12. Jake Galvez

Jake is known to highlight the natural beauty of her clients. This is the main reason why he’s the dream make-up artist of the brides to be. He loves to bring out the effortless glow of his A-list clients. He’s also the go to MUA of Kim Chiu and Yassi Pressman.




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