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Creating EYEconic looks with Ever Bilena

Creating EYEconic looks with Ever Bilena

My mom has always loved doing her own makeup. It doesn’t matter if she does not have anywhere to go. All she wants to for her brows to be on-fleek, and her lips, plump.

And her trusted brand from then to now? Ever Bilena!

I think this was where I got my own love for makeup from. And certainly, she’s the reason why I sooooo love Ever Bilena.

Sure, I am no pro on doing my face. And I can’t deny that I go back to my only go-to eye look every time. But hey, all I know is that makeup makes me all giddy and excited – even if I have nowhere to go!


Recently, I have been wanting to try a slightly bolder eye look (because if others would be seeing only half of my face, then I’d rather make it extra). And now that I did, I can definitely say that I have been missing out!

Eye look and photo by: Joma dela Merced

For this funky eye look, I used Ever Bilena’s EB PRO Eyeconic 6 Shades Eye Shadow Palette in Mixed Metals. And I am officially obsessed with it!

This eyeshadow palette features smooth matte, and rich shimmer shadows. And the combination can give you looks that are high on impact and drama. Plus, it’s highly pigmented and creamy, too!

The variety of colors in the Mixed Metals palette ranges from orange, red, and bronze to brown. Now with just one palette, you’ll have the perfect colors needed to create a sultry smokey eye!

EB PRO Eyeconic in Mixed Metals

Of course, I wouldn’t miss the chance to recreate my go-to eye look. Only this time, using Ever Bilena’s EB PRO Eyeconic 6 Shades Eye Shadow Palette in Jackpot!

Eye look and photo by: Joma dela Merced

I have created versions of this eye look, I know. But something about the EB PRO Eyeconic Palette just gives it a little oomph!

This six-color palette’s perfect for that fresh everyday look that’s both subtle yet a bit extra with that shimmer. Way to look more put together even under the summer heat!

EB PRO Eyeconic in Jackpot

Did I mention that EB PRO Eyeconic palette does not only look sophisticated with its new look but has a mirror and a two-head shadow applicator, too?

For only Php 250, you can have literally everything you need to create your own breakthrough iconic look! Go grab yours now!


Of course, you have to top off your beautiful eye makeup with brows that are just as gorgeous!

And the Ever Bilena Perfect Eyebrow Pencil is definitely your brow bestie for shaping and filling in eyebrows for that defined, natural-looking arch!

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Ever Bilena
Ever Bilena Perfect Eyebrow Pencil

I usually opt for natural-looking brows but I can say sometimes, bolder can be better (especially for certain looks). And with the buildability of the EB Perfect Brow, you have the freedom to choose either!

It also contains Cocoa Seed Butter which is good for hydration and improves the overall appearance of the skin. This may be the reason for its creamy texture that makes a little go a long way!

Ever Bilena

I also love how easy it is to apply, just be careful of how much pressure you put, especially when you’re opting for a more natural finish.

I’ve tried pairing the Medium Brown variant with bolder eye makeup, and inversely, the Dark Brown variant with light eye makeup to balance out the look. Def what I’ll suggest, too.

Ever Bilena
EB Perfect Brow in Medium Brown

That or basing what variant you’ll choose on either your hair color or skin tone. Both criteria work for me as the EB Brow Pencil variants is suitable for all skin tones!

Ever Bilena
EB Perfect Brow in Dark Brown

This long-lasting brow pencil is available in two shades: Medium Brown and Dark Brown. And is available on Ever Bilena’s official Shopee and Lazada shops for only Php 120!

So whether you’re opting for your usual, or trying bold and creative eye makeups, Ever Bilena is definitely the bestie you need to create eye looks that are just as EYEconic as you!

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