Here are sanitizing tips from celebrity hair and makeup artists

The hair and makeup industry has been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Many have complained about canceled jobs and even delayed payouts. But after surviving that turmoil, they are facing an even bigger challenge head-on, possibly even threatening their jobs.

When things resume, they have to adapt to the new normal and that is social distancing. If other business sectors can afford to work online, these artists won’t be able to do so. Their work requires close contact with their clients. But even when the lockdown relaxes, people will be more cautious.

This job has an intimate nature and practicing healthy habits is a must. Jobs may even be limited as social gatherings are still prohibited. Not only that you should protect yourself, due to the scare in transmission, its a must to protect others as well.

Why should we have safety measures?

Certified sanitation specialist and celebrity makeup Artist, Miss Ting Duque said that it’s important to be a responsible artist for the coming years. “I encourage every artist working in the Film, Television, Wedding, and Advertising Industry to educate ourselves, elevate and set standards in our workplace by delivering high levels of sanitation for the well being of everyone, including ourselves.”


By being aware and knowledgeable about the different pathogens that can harm future clients, is part of our job, most especially now. We have to create an environment where it is SAFE. Health before artistry and prevention is the key,” Miss Ting added.

What should hair and makeup artists do when things get back to normal? To give you a helping hand, we compiled some expert tips that you can follow. Scroll further to know more.

Sanitizing Tips From Celebrity Hair and Make-Up Artists

Miss Ting Duque

It’s important that before sanitizing, make sure you wash your hands and sanitize first with a 70% Alcohol. I recommend that we use 70% alcohol and don’t go higher. 99% Alcohol evaporates really fast so it’s not advisable. Make sure to douse the product and let it air dry while the palette is open. Dry it also with a clean paper towel. Don’t forget to clean it thoroughly. When we’re touching the client’s face, I highly recommend that you use Nitrile Gloves. Why Nitrile, it’s because it can’t easily be punctured. It’s latex-free and food-grade as well, so even people in the food industry can use it. Some people are sensitive to latex so it’s important to use one that’s latex-free and this doesn’t have powder on it.”

Photo Credit to Instagram.TingDuque

Rick Calderon

Cleansing and sanitizing are a must especially now that we’re going through a pandemic. We should not share our makeup or brushes with anyone else. Make sure also that the brushes, sponges, and applicators are sanitized with a 70% Alcohol. Be careful with spraying too much on your make-up as it might ruin it.”



“If you have the means, you can also invest in a high-end UV sterilizer or make-up brush sterilizers as it has a UV disinfection capability to sterilize our tools. It’s pricey, but it’s worth it. In times like these, our priority should be our health, and investing in it is worth every penny.” Rick added.


Mark Rosales

My advice to my fellow hairstylists is to observe a proper way of cleansing and disinfecting. For cleaning your hairbrushes, you can douse it with a mixture of vinegar, water, and baking soda. Pour half cup of vinegar in a half cup of water and soak all your brushes and combs into it for half an hour. I also suggest that there should be no sharing of brushes per client. This is such a difficult time and safety should be our main priority,” Mark of Marqed Salon said.

Surely these are some of the intense hygiene measures that we should all consider. If we’re not careful, we may not be helpful in flattening the curve. More than ever that we should be vigilant in protecting ourselves and others. Only then that we can survive this crisis and be at ease with the new normal.

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