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Simping Over NCT’s Mark Lee

Simping Over NCT’s Mark Lee

We cannot deny that the Philippines has been deep under the Korean Wave (Hallyu). Korean Pop infiltrated not only the Philippine media industry but also the Filipinos themselves. Filipinos collect various KPOP merchandise such as photo cards, albums, and light sticks. Some even buy concert tickets that cost thousands. There are a lot of Korean groups to choose from with numerous members each. There is EXO, BlackPink, Red Velvet, and NCT to name a few.

One of the icons that made a splash out of the Korean Wave is Mark Lee. A 22-year-old ethnically South Korean rapper and singer born in Canada. At a very young age, he entered the world of entertainment and has been doing well since. He is the main rapper, main dancer, and vocalist of his group Neo Culture Technology (NCT). Aside from being in a boy group, he also produced a single this year titled Child.

A Musical Virtuoso

Talking about music, Mark Lee is a highly versatile singer. He can do ballads, EDM, rap, and RnB. Aside from that, he is one of the best rappers in the Korean music industry. In addition to his unique rapping technique is his excellent grasp of the English language since he was raised in Canada.

Moreover, Mark Lee is a multi-instrumentalist. He is knowledgeable in playing various musical instruments. He is a guitarist, a pianist, and a flutist. Outside singing, the Korean idol also has a keen interest in dancing and songwriting. He has creative juices for directing and producing as well. At the age of 17, Lee is already a leader of NCT Dream, a sub-group of NCT.

A Public Figure Yet a Private Person

Unlike other celebrities, Mark Lee is not quite open about his personal life. He managed to separate his work life as a public figure from his private one. As regards his parents, the only public information about them is his father teaching a local church choral in Canada. He taught him how to sing while his mother taught him how to play the piano. Music is indeed running in his veins. Lee wants to keep a low profile for his family and respects the privacy of his family. After moving to Korea, no trace of Lee’s private life has been publicized.

The Korean heartthrob went to Seoul Performing Arts High School to pursue his passion for music. It is one of the best arts high schools in Korea which produced a lot of celebrities and KPOP icons. Later on, he joined S.M. Entertainment as a trainee which kick-started his career.

Random Facts About Mark Lee

Despite being in a group, Mark Lee wants to represent his craft separately. He says he wants to be known for his talent and not for his group. He is very down-to-earth and values small things in life. One negative thing about him is his corny jokes and cheesy humor. This can be proved by his many random videos cracking jokes to his friends.

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A cute thing about him is his obsession with watermelon and the color blue.
The young singer released his single, CHILD, last February. The song is about his struggles growing up. He said that he never experienced what it feels like to be a real child who can live a normal life.

NCTzens love everything about Mark Lee. They believe that he is one of the honest and friendliest KPOP idols. He is true to himself and does not have a façade. He is who he is with or without a camera and that is the secret of all loved icons in the media industry. It is no wonder why fans are “simping” over Mark Lee.

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