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INSTAGRAM RAID: SEVENTEEN Mingyu serving us boyfriend pics

INSTAGRAM RAID: SEVENTEEN Mingyu serving us boyfriend pics

Kim Mingyu is the visual of the South Korean Boy Group SEVENTEEN. He is known for being a “giant puppy” because he is the tallest yet clumsiest among the 13 members. Definitely the cutest!

However, his Instagram feed is filled with cool boyfriend pictures all for his 6.7 million followers (as of June 21, 2022).

The Viral NSFW photos of Kim Mingyu

During the first week of June, Mingyu became the talk of the town with these photos posted on his Instagram. Even non-KPOP fans find these photos so attractive and hot. Some even label these photos “NSFW” or Not Safe for Work because of the too much hotness.

Last week, it was revealed that there were more than 400 photos taken during that time and only four photos were posted.

Photos that look like you are having dinner with Mingyu

Mingyu’s love for taking pictures before eating in a restaurant proves how pro he is at making our hearts flutter. If you made this your wallpaper, everyone might believe he’s your actual boyfriend!

His love for photography makes us want to volunteer as his subject.

How ideal is it to have a photographer boyfriend? Well, in case you did not know, Mingyu has a passion for photography, directing, and editing. He even produced the music video of their group’s song Snap Shoot.

That photo.

This carousel of photos of Mingyu just casually sitting on a chair under the sunlight making that face how we wish our boyfriends have. Just Kidding. But these photos serve us the ultimate boyfriend vibes.

A dog lover equals a perfect boyfriend material.

If he has a soft spot for dogs, he definitely is a soft-hearted person. 100% boyfriend material!

Aside from being a “giant puppy”, Kim Mingyu is a sweet person, kind, and very lovable. He is determined to pursue his dreams whether it is in singing, dancing, photography, directing, or even painting. He is absolutely a man of passion and serving us boyfriend pictures through his IG account.

Check Kim Mingyu’s Instagram account on @min9yu_k.

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