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Should you be concerned if you bite your nails?

Should you be concerned if you bite your nails?

Nails are definitely one of the features that a person can consider being proud of. In many instances, this is because we have options on how we wanted it to look. Short or long, painted or not, we have got a lot of choices to choose from. However, something is gonna take the role of being a hindrance. Nail biting is on top of the list; a habit one finds unmanageable to quit.

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Nail biting, also known as onychophagia 

Medical professionals, particularly in the field of psychology, have a say on this. Once it occurred on a daily basis, nail-biting falls on the “diagnosable body-focused repetitive behavior disorder.” Such behavior is known for its clinical name “onychophagia” or “onychophagy,” which results in certain damages to a person’s fingernails. An individual may undergo professional treatment that attends to both physical and psychological needs should severe situations arise. 

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What causes a person to bite their nails?

There are many reasons as to why a person suddenly feels the urge to nail-bite. Most of the time, no one notices the habit until a part of their finger hurts and is seen bleeding. The nature of nail-biting tells us how everyone has it when they are young. But sometimes a lot of adults never really get the chance to resist the temptation of doing so. Stress, anxiety, and restlessness among other things, will most likely trigger the nail-biting. Without the need to think about it, a person may place their fingernails in their mouth as though there is nothing to flinch from.

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While it is true that nail-biting habits can vary from one person to another, it is still best for everyone to have this prevented. The earlier you notice how biting your nails affect your well-being, the better. Changes won’t appear in an instant, but patience and self-discipline are what you have got. Find something that you can divert your attention with, have your nails cut or trimmed short, or get them dolled up. Whatever it is that you prefer, self-care is a must.

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