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Why Using A Mouthwash Is A Must These Days

Why Using A Mouthwash Is A Must These Days

Dental care has been problematic, especially during this pandemic. Due to financial constraints, a lot has resorted to just frequent brushing. But don’t you know that upping your dental hygiene such as using a mouthwash and flossing can cure many dental issues? Plus, it can also help you prevent acquiring coronavirus. I wonder if this is truly the case since it’s not antiviral. This is my skeptical self, talking.

A medical study published on the BioRxiv server analyzed the effects of common mouthwashes on SARS-CoV-2 in laboratory settings. The analysis, which was posted in the Journal Function, suggests that based on mouthwash’s ability to disrupt or damage the outer layer of other enveloped viruses, mouthwash could have a similar effect on SARS-CoV-2—possibly helping to reduce transmission.

Great development

If this is a valid study, then it is welcome news since we’re still waiting for the vaccine to arrive. If a simple oral rinse can prevent its spread then why not give it a go? A lot of Filipinos are not used to these kinds of self-care. Many are just contented with frequent brushing of our teeth. To some, flossing and using mouthwash is not necessary. I, myself, have not been a believer until the time that my gums started bleeding. I was horrified when I found blood spots in the sink after brushing my teeth. A quick dental visit said that it’s a gum infection or gingivitis. My trusted dentist recommended flossing. Using mouthwash apart from tooth brushing is beneficial too. Such rituals have been magical after diligently following the dentist’s advice.

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We’re indifferent to these kinds of dental care, but if using mouthwash really has virus trouncing powers, then why not try it? Oral hygiene, after all, should not be neglected. We’ve been just focusing on boosting our immune system, but upping our dental hygiene should also be a priority. Any routine to help ourselves might really work. As they say, there’s no harm in trying.

Why should we use Listerine?

Did you know that brushing alone isn’t enough to keep your mouth free of germs? Brushing only kills 25% of germs. Wearing a mask can make us more aware of our bad breath. Lucky for us, Listerine kills the germs that cause bad breath. We know that keeping ourselves healthy and safe during this time is more important than ever. That’s why I make it a point to always gargle with Listerine Total Care which has a 6 in 1 mouth defense against the icky germs in our mouth.

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Listerine kills 99.9% of the bacteria, so I always make it a point to never miss out on my brushing and mouthwash regimen every day. Not only that, it will knock out bad breath, it can also prevent the build-up of cavities.  I highly suggest rinsing your mouth for 60 seconds, it can work wonders.

Why choose Listerine over others?

Listerine is the leading mouthwash in the country. It is also the most recommended mouthwash by Filipino dentists who strongly advocates for good oral hygiene. Listerine Total Care has 6-in-1 benefits. It reduces plaque, kills 99.9% of germs, protects healthy gums. It also strengthens teeth, freshens breath, and whitens teeth. Not only that, but it also provides TOTAL MOUTH DEFENSE vs. Brushing alone. Now that there is news that it might help us against coronavirus, using it is a must more than ever. Always remember that total care is self-care.

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