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For Stray Animals, Your Coins Matter

For Stray Animals, Your Coins Matter

Due to inflation, prices of goods and services became more expensive. As we all know, the value of the Philippine peso has tremendously dropped resulting in a higher cost of living. Before, you could at least buy a pack of powdered juice for ten pesos; that is rather impossible now. In high school, this amount is actually enough to bring me back and forth to school. Right now, it has little to no value.

Photo from: Strays Worth Saving – SWS on Facebook

Sadly, this is our reality at present. In spite of that, this amount can still be a huge help for nonprofit organizations that are there to rescue stray animals, particularly dogs, and cats. These orgs help pets that have been abandoned, abused, or victims of road accidents. They are also there to shelter these animals while waiting to be adopted and in their forever home. The people behind these groups are heroes of their own merit and our small contribution can allow them to uphold their mission.

In case you wanted to put that ten pesos of yours into a good cause, you may consider donating to these organizations that can transform a stray’s life with this amount. 

Strays Worth Saving – SWS

Photo from: Strays Worth Saving – SWS on Facebook

SWS only started in late 2019 yet they were able to rescue more than 1500 dogs and cats. With almost a million followers on Facebook, their goal is for our country to be stray-free. Aside from promoting adoptions of their rescue, they are also an advocate of spaying and neutering, alongside pet vaccination.

Photo from: Strays Worth Saving – SWS on Facebook

In 2021, they were able to put up a shelter in Tanauan, Batangas. This serves as a temporary home for their rescue dogs, before they get to be adopted. SWS do not only seek donations on their Facebook page as this is also where they post photos of those up for adoption.

You might also want to subscribe to their YouTube channel: Strays Worth Saving

Animal Rescue PH

Photo from: Animal Rescue PH on Facebook

According to their Facebook page, Animal Rescue PH consists of Solo Independent Volunteers. 

They are there to extend help to animals waiting for their second chance in life. As we all know, vet services are not free and it is very costly here in our country. To continue their mission, they are seeking donations to help them save more stray animals.

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Sadly, typhoon Karding immensely affected their shelters in Bulakan, Bulacan. Because of this, they’ll need a helping hand to recover. Any small amount will somehow allow them to get back on their feet and continue their operation.


Photo from: AWIT Cats on Facebook

AWIT Cats or Animal Welfare in Taft is a dedicated organization to feed cats around Taft Avenue. Like other animal rescue groups, they are also pushing for spaying and neutering of pets which is necessary for population control. For rescue calls of injured cats, they too are there to help. They are kindly asking for donations to sustain this good cause.

Taking care of our pets is a lifetime commitment. Unfortunately, no matter how loyal a pet is to his owner, not everyone can be faithful in return. Hence, there are abandoned animals left on the streets. I’m sure many would like to help but don’t have the luxury of time to go out there. Thankfully, these organizations exist to serve as a helping hand for poor animals and although we cannot meet them eye to eye, our donations, no matter how small it is, can provide relief.

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