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Sheena Belarmino, a scintillate of a sensation

Sheena Belarmino, a scintillate of a sensation

Supernova! What sets apart stars to her is the marvel of matchless bright, outshining the sea of thousand ones—of evident talents beyond gapping. Perhaps, she, a gleam who belts of immense range and connoisseur of grooves top-tier of her generation. An artist with no Achilles heel to flaunt. She, who we all know forges the depiction of becoming an ace. Burning, sparkling, and defiant of limits. She transverses in a full circle moment of stardom, all that leads back to her destined fate. A shade of her goldenness, Sheena Belarmino. Ready to even brave more entertainment vastness; equipped with singing, dancing, and acting that serves as her projectiles for the next cycle: into her own fruition of superstar.

Photo | Instagram (@itsmesheena15)

Sheena Belarmino, a scintillate of a sensation

Fueling up

Waldemar Bonsels conspires a massive heavenly body in his fictional imagery, as ‘The sun must be all of gold.’ —The Adventures of Maya the Bee. Will you second it? Or maybe, of a woman wearing one? Tough, the industry in which we know it is not telltales of such treasure. An artist fueled with passion and hard work cultivates the core and depths of popularity.

Inday Wonder owns her atelier, transforming these requisites for the frame to position her in the center. She knows her gifts and that became her stepping stone in big-shot! Rattling Dos of stages we can all agree left us in wonder. An ascending talent that only she can top all off.

Sheena Belarmino’s musical color draws anyone’s eyes. Shimmering a distinct tone that raises roofs, her chest voice and falsettos exudes confidence. Vocal pressure! Oh, don’t forget her growl. She is calibrated of texture you cannot hear on someone her age—I can literally keep going. We can’t deny her dancing skills. Sheena boasts sharp moves with enough power on each of them that showcases her character and swag every time she is on stage.

The Wonder Girl

Humble of the very offsets that she overcome, Sheena glistened from empirical hurdles. At a very young age, she became molded by refining survival programs. These competitions magnified her gifts. There her fandom, Sinags, twinkle. Continuously pushing her into stardom, resulting in the capillary action that blasts her career through and through.

Photo | Instagram (@itsmesheena15)

Trying out the chances with her flex and rhythms, Dance Kids 2015 preludes the image of Sheena Librel Belarmino. Glued us to shows namely, Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids, and Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids. Some that envelopes our thrill into discovering her undeniable talents.

Road to popularity must be that of an opportune to Sheena, glammed with titles as she finishes fourth in the grand finals of one of the premiere singing contests in the country, Tawag ng Tanghalan the kids’ edition. More of her stages, she aimed our hearts at impersonating artists like KZ Tandingan and Sarah Geronimo.

Both performances of which took the Internet by storm with the Philippines’ franchise of Your Face Sounds Familiar. Sure, expect astonishment with her mere presence in any entertainment format. She nails it with blinding charisma.

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Sheena in her element

You can never go wrong with a weekend spent with ASAP Natin ‘To. With just a number or two of our Inday Wonder alone, your Sunday blues will shove off! Performing her best in every collab, Sheena Belarmino is a staple act on the musical variety giant. Hopping to trendy dance challenges and singing all-time hits. Of hosting together prominent teen and veteran artists in the industry. Have you caught her up on each segment? That doesn’t stop there, she is currently active in acting.

Photo | Instagram (@itsmesheena15)

Starred in the recent series Lyric and Beat, Sheena introduces us to her charming character, Melissa Espiritu, your resident mean girl. The streaming television series unfolds her sass and theatrical extraordinaire. Sheena Belarmino is in no way visible on screen, she plays Melissa all in a nice chic way injecting her glow into each dialogue and episode.

Uprising, sterling kickstart!

Well, for our Wonder Girl, the cycle has never meddled with any turning point yet. Adding into one ball of surprise. Her ups! A true form to be unleashed imminently. Her potential success in leading this generation is the next big thing.

Crazy as it may seem, Sheena’s career is just now getting into shape. And we might get a gist of it from stuff her management is currently cooking. What this shazam it may be, all we can expect is a whole different big bang.

What steps may be next to her path will all be written down only by Sheena Belarmino herself.

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