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Well-loved Performances of Regine Velasquez

Well-loved Performances of Regine Velasquez

Regine Velasquez is a household name in the Philippines. With over 8.5 million records sold, Regine holds in her cataglog a spring of songs that are part and parcel of guitar hangouts with friends, karaoke sessions, weddings, festivals, to local and international singing competitions. I remember Regine in my childhood as the singer of Pangako, the theme song of the Asian series Love of the Condor Heroes in 2006. And for the most part of it, Regine’s songs and covers were the go-to songs whenever there are birthdays and a rented videoke in our town.

Regina Regine Velasquez already knew she had the talent as early as three years old. Her father, who was her early influence in singing because of his lullabies, had her sing neck-deep in the sea when she was a child. Years later, it would seem that the sea has gifted to her a voice that we have now come to recognize as Asia’s songbird.

5. Araw-Gabi LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

VIDEO | Wish USA – Regine Velasquez-Alcasid sings “Araw-Gabi” LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

A whopping 65 million views replete with praises about Asia’s songbird, Regine, years into her career, still proves that she has it.

4. Sana Maulit Muli – Regine Velasquez in MYX Music Awards

VIDEO | Sana Maulit Muli (Best Version) – Regine Velasquez in MYX Music Awards posted by Jhem

Oddly, this performance feels like The Voice. Gary Valenciano, on the chair waiting for the contestant to step into the stage, the eyes squinty, expectant of something. Well to say, the least, our multi-platinum artist did not disappoint. Watch out for the 2:24 mark. Also, Regine with a pixie cut? Simply, a marvel to peruse.

3. Till I Met You

VIDEO | Video from GMA | Posted by greenyu – Regine Velasquez – Till I Met You (Superb!)

Till I Met You was the theme song of the 2006 film with the same title starring Regine and her leading man Robin Padilla. The performance interspersed with clips from the film, Asia’s songbird singing as if her life depended on it. Robin, static in his position could only look, well in the presence of the Regine, who wouldn’t?

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2. On the Wings of Love

VIDEO | Regine Velasquez – On The Wings Of Love (2000) posted by greenyu with credits to paomonkey21 (Live from Jaya’s concert at the ULTRA directed by Regine)

Originally sung by Jeffrey Osborne from his 1982 self-titled album, Regine would eventually turn this song into an OPM in our contemporary Filipino culture. When she ad-libbed, Up and above the clouds / The only way to fly around 3:21, she better see us strapping ourselves with harnesses ready to rise with her.

1. I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing

VIDEO | I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing (Highest Version) – Regine Velasquez posted by RegineVelasquezTV

Aerosmith’s I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing gained notoriety in the Philippines it might as well be an OPM song. Regine, once again effortlessly slipping through various notes, a testament to her vocal ability (which also birthed the careers of YouTuber reaction channels pandering to the Philippines typically known as Pinoybaiting). This song became its own arrangement, a separate minus-one dedicated to singers battling in local singing competitions or to just a regular videoke session with the family.

Regine Velasquez Spotify page
PHOTO | Regine Velasquez Spotify page

Regine is without a doubt an OPM royalty. Asia’s songbird, well-loved, and truly influential. Her songs will take life on various celebrations, and she will continue to inspire young singers for years to come.

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