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VP/Cover: Sofia Pablo Sets the Bar High as a Young Actress

VP/Cover: Sofia Pablo Sets the Bar High as a Young Actress

In a world where it’s easy to lose yourself while reaching your dreams, Sofia Pablo twists her game by prioritizing her needs. She conquers opportunity after opportunity by being both a masterpiece and a work in progress with her inner peace still intact. It was her self-love and hard work that produced her fruitful success. 

At a young age, Pablo seems to have made it easy to achieve everything she has now. But little did we know, she has fought many silent battles to reach such glamour and be the unstoppable actress that she is today.

So, who is Sofia Pablo as a young actress? 

For those who didn’t know, Sofia Pablo, 16 years old, already set the bar high for being a child actress. She has been recognized as the Youth Stellar of Air Asia, Philippines Most Exceptional Young Celebrity 2022, and won a VP Choice Awards in 2020 for VP/Spotlight, the no. 1 in the Philippines for awards shows. 

Plus, she’s been in the Top 10 Celebrity TikTokers and worked with eight huge brands in the Philippines, including Cream Silk.

But that is only a few of all the awards she got, and for sure, she will continue to get more in the future. 

For now, she is currently starring in Prima Dona as Donna Lyn. She will soon be working on her dream role as a Mermaid in Raya Sirena – GMA’s upcoming weekly anthology Regal Studios Presents.

Sofia Pablo being the masterpiece and prioritizing herself

Shortly before she attained all that, Sofia Pablo was forced to step away from the limelight because of the age limit imposed by COVID-19 safety regulations; It says that if the celebrities were under the age of 15, they were not allowed to participate in any lock-in taping.  

Instead of giving up, Pablo once again became the master of herself and used this as an opportunity to be better. 

“I chose to improve myself more! I realized na kahit anong lungkot ko, it won’t change the situation, so instead, I used my spare time to focus on improving myself in all ways I can!”

The opportunity may hinder Pablo in her acting career. The one year away from work only made her strive harder due to her fear of being forgotten. So amid all her anxiety and her overthinking, she devised a new strategy for combat comeback.

“I had to find ways to stay visible and connect with my audience and fans. I became active on my social media platforms kase dun lang nila ako pwede makita eh.”

Then on, Sofia Pablo certainly gets what she has strived for. Now, she has 8 million followers on TikTok and 2 million on Instagram. 

And, of course, in every successful battle, there’s a cheerer behind it; for Sofia Pablo, she has her outlets of strength. 

“My Mom, family, Allen, and my Sofia Natics played a big part during that time kase sila ung mga tao that cheered for me kahit na I was in that situation.”

Not only is she now living her dream job as an actress, but she is also building her career as an influencer – all started with self-love and self-improvement. 

Her humble beginnings

As long as you step forward, great things will always be ahead of you. There’s something that you will be looking forward to. And that will gradually transform into a vivid reality.

At first, Pablo started to dream of getting a commercial project. However, rejection weighs more compared to the project she had. 

“There were times na minsan kakadating ko lang, mag VTR palang for the commercial audition papalabasin na agad ako tas walang explanation.”

But that didn’t stop her from dreaming. The bittersweet thing in her rejection tastes a lot more satisfying in her small success. The one-minute appearance made her the happiest actress back then until she got discovered and introduced to television. 

Pablo started counting her success regardless of how small or big it was. Her gratitude leads her to her career break. 

“I started with extra roles and some young roles until I auditioned for Sparkle and natanggap ako! The moment I signed up with Sparkle, I received regular teleserye projects one after another! Leading to where I am now!”

Her word of advice? 

“Don’t give up! You will experience a lot of rejections but that shouldn’t stop you from pursuing what you really want. If you want it, get it. Be unstoppable and become the star you want to be.”

“Always be grateful and contented kase when you’re not grateful for what you have, you’ll be unhappy with what you’re doing.”

The person behind her success and the reason why she continues to be strong

“There was never a time in my 16 years of life na iniwan niya [Mom] ako. She was always by my side and kahit anong situation she always supports me.” 

Sofia has always looked up to her mom and their bond just grew stronger as the admirable woman never left her side. Her mother… her hero.

Standing for yourself is the hardest and the most fulfilling job. It isn’t easy to stand firm and have courage every time. You really need your composed self to do that. Good thing Sofia Pablo was raised by her wonderful and strong mother, and she turned the young actress into someone braver.

A bold young actress that can stand for herself regardless of how challenging the hurdles she faces. Sofia even reminisces how she was bullied on the set and how it somehow became a blessing in disguise.

“I have experienced being bullied on the set, but it didn’t stop me from being dedicated to my craft. Yes, there were moments I cried, but after that, one day I had a breakdown; I became stronger than ever!”

Sofia Pablo being the ‘unstoppable’ young actress

After everything she had been through as a Donna Lyn, an upcoming Mermaid, and Sofia Pablo, who would expect that she conquered all of that at the age of 16. 

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 “You did a great job! All of your hard work paid off.” Pablo says to herself about everything she experienced. 

Pablo indeed has a different life compared to others her age. When asked if she wanted to change an aspect of her life or anything she has experienced, she had a clear answer.

“I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m always grateful for all the good and bad things that come in between kase I really believe in the saying that all rough roads lead to a beautiful destination.”

Since Sofia Pablo is still a young actress, I bet everyone would agree that she has so much potential. As a teen actress and influencer, it is undeniable that the word ‘unstoppable’ best describes her. 

“When people hear Sofia Pablo, I want them to remember that I am unstoppable.”

So the question is, where could we see Sofia Pablo ten years from now? 

“Ten years from now, I see myself as the strong woman who became stronger than ever! The woman who never gave up on her dreams no matter how [many] rejections she got before!” 

Certainly, her dream role as a mermaid is just the beginning of her remarkable career. There is more that is yet to be shown and expected from her as the years go by. 

But before we reach that, she wanted to remind everyone about something.

“Always choose to be the bigger person in every fight you have. Not everyone has the ability to be the bigger person, so if you know you can, do it.”

Sofia Pablo proves once again that someone’s age cannot measure maturity. And success starts within the person. Because of everything she has been through, she made things possible by continuing to strive as the unstoppable actress that she knows she is.

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