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Samsung Galaxy A53 5G: A phone you never knew you needed

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G: A phone you never knew you needed

This phone will surely pique the interest of many. Looking for a phone of great value for money? Look no further for the new Samsung A53 5G is what you are looking for.

If you are up for an upgrade this year, this phone might be the one for you! This mid-range device stormed the market on March 17, 2022 – its official release date. In three months’ time, it has proven its value. And it has captured the hearts of many Samsung and other Android brand fans. Maybe it is time it captures yours as well.

Design and Build

At first glance, this phone looks pretty similar to the last year’s model Samsung Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A52 S. But as you look and observe more, there are still some changes here and there.

Design-wise, this phone comes from the same mold. And it now comes with four new ‘awesome colors’ – Awesome Blue, Awesome Black, Awesome White, and Awesome Peach. Unlike the old models, its camera bump now blends into the back panel. The phone’s matte back panel and even its glossy frame are made up of plastic. But it does not feel cheap in the hand. It is still sturdy and smooth.

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This unit has IP67 rate protection against dust and water. With that, it can stand up to 1.0 meter of freshwater for up to 30 minutes

Display and Hardware

This device comes with a 6.5-inch AMOLED display and a screen that has a 120Hz refresh rate. Adding to that whole smooth experience this phone provides, it sports a new chipset!

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It runs on Exynos 1280. And it is an upgrade over the Snapdragon 750 G that powers its predecessor Samsung Galaxy A52 5G.

Storage and Performance

This phone rocks a solid 6GB for its RAM, and is also available for the higher 8GB. The unit also packs a128GB of memory for its base storage and is available for 256GB up to 1TB as well. And it also has a micro-SD card slot. Awesome, right?

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Photo from Samsung’s Official Website

Samsung A53 5G runs on the latest One UI 4.1 over Android 12 out of the box. And this phone provides a solid mid-range performance thanks to its new chipset.

This phone could last you a day if you are a heavy user. But it can survive for two days of regular use as this unit packs a 5000mAh of battery.


Photo from Samsung’s Official Website

The camera module at the back sports four different lenses – the 12MP Ultra Wide lens, 64MP Main Camera, 5MP Depth Camera, and 5MP Macro Camera, and a flash. These lenses also feature Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) for a great video experience. And as for the punch-hole Front Camera, it is a 32MP lens.

This phone truly is awesome. And for a starting price of 25,490 Php, you can have an awesome experience that comes with this – the phone you never knew you needed.

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