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Romuel Dojaylo: The 13-year-old Art Prodigy

Romuel Dojaylo: The 13-year-old Art Prodigy

Child prodigies are exceedingly rare, but there have been a few who had their names etched in history. And every once in a while, a new one will spring to showcase excellence in either supreme intellect or extraordinary talents in the arts.

There is no question that the Philippines is home to very talented artists. Native here we have Fernando Amorsolo, José Joya and Ang Kiukok to name a few. And just recently, an undiscovered gem by the name of Romuel has made it through the headlines with his hyperrealistic artworks.

Romuel Dojaylo is a 13-year old young artist from Roxas City, in the province of Capiz. At such a young age, he is drawn to the field of art, specializing in hyperrealism.

Come and let’s get to know this brilliant young painter’s journey to artistic mastery.

Art prodigy, Romuel Dojaylo

Life is art. It embodies who we are or how we project ourselves to the world. And for young Romuel, art is a big part of his life, helping him create a personality for himself.

Accordingly, Romuel has drawn attention to himself as photographs of his paintings circulating in social media are perceived as picture-like.

Photo Credit: Romuel Dojaylo

Para po sakin ang art hindi lang sya simple kundi part sya ng buhay ko kasi yan ang dahilan kung bakit nabubuo din ang personality ko.

says Romuel Dojaylo

Nope, not a picture

Dojaylo’s works exhibit characteristics of a high-resolution photograph when in reality it is a painting. Hyperrealism is a term that emerged in the late 1970s describing the use of art in creating illusionary effects to enhance reality. And this is Romuel’s favorite art form.

Romuel had always loved animals. And it reflects on most of his paintings featuring animals and insects. He rarely ever paints real people, but nonetheless, his pieces are all worthy of praise. Here are some of his artworks to boot.

Photo Credit: Romuel Dojaylo

Yung realism subject ang pinaka paborito ko. Na e-express ko ang damdamin at nararamdaman ko kaya para sakin unique siyang form of art.

Above is a hyperrealistic portrait of a praying mantis and below is a Bengal tiger, both acrylics painted on canvas.

Photo Credit: Romuel Dojaylo

Lahat ng artwork ko mahalaga kasi binibigay ko ang best ko para makabuo ng isang painting.

Indeed, Romuel truly showcases a professional level of artistry. Nobody would believe that he only learned and started painting a year ago. Currently, he is studying more about hyperrealism, as it is something he wants to master.

Talent runs in the family

Just last year, another talented artist went viral also for his hyperrealistic painting of himself. John Cyril Dojaylo, if some of us will remember, made a name for himself for the infamous painting he calls, ‘Me, Myself and I’ which is a portrait of him painting himself.

Apparently, John Cyril is an older cousin of Romuel. The kid sure got lucky in the gene pool of talents.

Why he became an artist

Dreams are pursued not achieved. The little triumphs you get in your pursuit of it are your achievements.

Truly, one’s admiration for another can make you want to achieve things for yourself. Romuel had always admired his cousin’s passion for art. Hence, his love for art is awakened.

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Na inspired ako sa pinsan kong artist din lalo na nong nag viral ang mga masterpiece nya kaya nagpaturo din ako sa kanya.

Romuel Dojaylo
Photo Credit: Romuel Dojaylo

Gusto kong matulad sa mga mahuhusay na artist gaya ng pinsan ko at gusto ko din sumikat gaya nya.

With talent and passion like yours, nothing is impossible if you do your best at what you love!

However, if there is one thing more remarkable than his talent, it is Dojaylo’s love for his family.

Romuel Dojaylo
Photo Credit: Romuel Dojaylo

Lahat ng mga gawa ko paborito ko, pero mas gusto ko ang latest kong nagawa ang portrait ng Lola ko. Nagpapasalamat po ako kay Lord na nagbigay sakin ng gantong talento at ang pamilya ko kasi gusto ko makabawi sa paghihirap nila sakin.

Let’s support our local artists like young Romuel, who is open for art commissions. You can reach him through his only Facebook and Messenger accounts.

Romuel Dojaylo is not only an inspiration for all youngsters out there. But for everyone else who wants to pursue their dreams like his. There is no age limit in achieving greatness.

You can start now.

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