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Natu Xantino and his neosurrealism approach in photography.

Natu Xantino and his neosurrealism approach in photography.

Art fuels the mind and soul to create pieces, inspire and move people to maximize their imagination. Moreover, a force that allows us to travel, reflect, participate, and re-imagine. Photography is the art of processing lights and creating images. However, this young photographer from Panabo City, Philippines is not just your ordinary photographer. He offers neosurrealism, a highly artistic approach in his creations.

Edmar Santiago from Panabo, Davao del Norte but also known as Natu Xantino, is a conceptual photographer who specializes in neosurrealistic visual arts with photography. Let’s take a look at his brilliant creations and his journey as an artist.


Discovering his flare in photography

Most of us creatives will surely have a triggering point where igniting the creativity in us happens at a very young age. Influences by movies, music, events, and social media. Natu, has his by watching America’s Next Top Model – an American reality show for aspiring models.

Natu Xantino

When I’m still in high school, I used to watch America’s Next To Model. I got amazed with the photos especially in those episodes with peculiar concepts. I start shooting self-portraits using my Nokia phone and imitate some photos that inspires me from the show. We did some multimedia classes and photography seminar when I’m in college and since then I never stop learning photography. I self-studied on photography methods, techniques, post-processing, photo manipulation, composition, etc.

Conceptualization process

His conceptualization process is purely raw, mind-blowing, and one of a kind. One of the reasons behind his strong output is his concrete process.

I start by thinking randomly. I just let my mind wander through different dimensions and come up with some vague idea. I’m going to work on with that idea until I get a concept. Creative serendipity is what I do to come up with concepts.

Natu Xantino

Developing your creativity as per Natu Xantino

To be someone takes a lot of effort. Nurturing your own aesthetic or style takes a lot of time, effort, and space. Finding the right direction!

To grow as a creative person, take some risks, make mistakes, and be boundless. Follow some rules, defy some. Experiment until you get to a point where you finally see your own style & your own voice as an artist.


I don’t have resources and connections so I have to make the best out of the things that are already present.

Connections definitely play a huge role to climb the ladder.

I become so resourceful to a point I actually don’t need a team to come up and produce a visual photography series. I learned to do makeup, styling, editing, & photo manipulating. My resourcefulness helps me develop my aesthetic. He added

Work satisfaction and handling mediocre output

Giving your best at your craft is the top priority. Others may have a different level of satisfaction depending on their level of expectations.

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Realizing my concept is what satisfies me the most. I feel proud when I think I could never do some concepts because of some limitations but still be able to produce an output.

While known to be the best at his craft. Natu shared how he handles imperfections in his crafts.

Dissatisfaction is just transient. I don’t pressure myself to be satisfied or perfect all the time and when mistakes were committed, I’ll just learn from it and move on.

Message to someone who dreams to become a photographer

Make, don’t only take, photographs. Let loose. Experiment and don’t be afraid to do unusual things as it opens your mind with a lot of possibilities. Aim to improve your craft. Enjoy what you’re doing and please yourself first before others.

He also emphasized that trying new things will be the gateway in discovering what is good and what is not.

NATU XANTINO and what the world should know

I’m Natu Xantino, a neosurrealist conceptual photographer. I experiment with themes, concepts, ideas, and narratives through photography as my main medium. My works are maybe eccentric and unconventional but these portray my inner thoughts and perception of reality.

He’s undeniably one of the photographers in the country that offers a different approach, vibe, concepts, technique, and passion in art. Truly a pride in the field of arts!

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