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Former Viva Hot Babes member Sheree Bautista ventures into painting

Former Viva Hot Babes member Sheree Bautista ventures into painting


Sheree Bautista, former member of all-female group Viva Hot Babes, knows she is capable of doing greater things aside from acting and performing. It was only a matter of time that she embraced her abilities and blossom into a woman passionate for the arts.


Sheree as an artist

In an exclusive interview with Village Pipol, Sheree shared with us what inspired her to start her journey in painting, “Ever since I was a little girl, sketching was already a hobby. I would copy photos of Disney characters in particular. I decided to take it seriously and professionally when I saw the video of BOB ROSS. It inspired me a lot. At that point in my life I was searching for something else apart from my career in acting.”

Determined to pursue a full time career as a painter, she makes perfect use of the extra time now in quarantine to excel and practice.


When asked where she draws her inspiration to work, Sheree recalled a certain turning point in her life, “My forte is my Lucky Paintings, Koi Fish , Horses , to Harvest, Birds I also have different series like landscapes, portraits, Pop Art and even tried abstract. My most favourite are my Lucky Paintings, it was actually accidental when I found out. It was at the time I hit rock bottom. I was broke and I was lost, to keep my self preoccupied I started painting what I was feeling , but I am not so much of an abstract person I am a very transparent and straight forward if you know me personally. So I used fish, horses, and birds to uplift my spirits.”

Sheree on pursuing arts

Furthermore, Sheree hopes that with every piece she sells, she gets to channel peace, energy, and hope to its new owner, the same way making them gives her pick-me-ups.

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She also wants to take this opportunity to remind aspiring artists out there that there is no harm in making mistakes as it paves the way for growth and improvement, “Be unique and don’t be scared to ask. Be inspired by other painters and masters. There are good, genuine and generous artist out there. Be inspired but never copy. Make it your own. It is important to respect other people’s work. Find your heart’s desire and find who you are as an artist. Pray for it and then learn it. Listen to your heart.”

Finally, Sheree tells us that she finds painting as her way of expressing herself and as a bonus, it serves as a therapeutical escape from stress of today’s harsh realities.

Photographer | Jervy Santiago

Makeup Artist | Michelle Cuna

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