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Welcome to RELX: The Phoenix, Ray of Hope, and the Color of the Sun

Welcome to RELX: The Phoenix, Ray of Hope, and the Color of the Sun

RELX refuses to rest on its laurels and constantly challenges itself to deliver the best to its loyal customers. The brand strives to instill hope in those seeking to make the change. As market trends and preferences evolve, new challenges also arise, demanding continuous improvement. 

Thus, RELX’s new brand identity revolves around three core elements: The Phoenix, Ray of Hope, and the Color of the Sun. This identity, then, reflects their unwavering commitment to creating hope and offering high-quality, consumer-centric, and convenient vape products.

Welcome to RELX: The Phoenix, Ray of Hope, and the Color of the Sun

The Phoenix

A timeless symbol of rebirth and renewal that represents RELX’s mission to empower individuals to rise from the ashes literally and figuratively. It also embodies the brand’s dedication to helping adult smokers break free from traditional cigarettes and transition to a safer alternative.

Ray of Hope

Emanating from The Phoenix and embodying the essence of RELX. Of course, it serves as a powerful beacon, illuminating the brand’s stories and the lives of its loyal users and potential customers. RELX provides a ray of hope, symbolizing a brighter future filled with possibilities.

The Color of the Sun

An inspiring beam of positivity and life casts a warm glow on the lives of RELX users. It also illuminates the path ahead, much like the rising sun of a new day, symbolizing new beginnings and a brighter tomorrow.

Filipinos are relentless in their pursuit of improvement, constantly seeking avenues to elevate their lives.

With an unwavering spirit, Filipinos strive to overcome challenges, embrace change, and unlock new opportunities. Driven by their desire for a better future, Filipinos embody resilience, adaptability, and an indomitable spirit of progress.

An increasing number of adult smokers are turning to alternatives such as vaping as a way to break free from traditional cigarettes. With its customizable options and reduced harm compared to smoking, vaping offers a viable alternative that allows individuals to satisfy their nicotine cravings while taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle. 

That’s where vaping products come in.

Vape products have faced challenges including high prices, e-liquid leakages, and short battery lives. These issues have deterred users seeking a seamless vaping experience. However, by choosing RELX, individuals can overcome these obstacles, as the brand offers affordable, leak-resistant devices with long-lasting battery performance, ensuring a satisfying and hassle-free vaping journey.

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Embracing change can be daunting, but it holds the key to a more fulfilling life and enriching experiences. Since its establishment in 2018, RELX has been dedicated to assisting adult smokers in discovering superior alternatives to traditional cigarettes. By addressing common concerns such as unpleasant odors, billowing smoke, and messy ashes, RELX offers vape products that prioritize the needs and preferences of consumers. This commitment has resulted in over 22 million successful transitions to a better alternative, establishing RELX as the leading vape brand in the Philippines.

Vaping has emerged as a trusted substitute for smoking cigarettes.

RELX provides diverse nicotine content options, as indicated on its e-liquid packaging. With nicotine levels ranging from 3% to 5%, RELX empowers users to personalize their vaping experience. While vaping is not entirely without risks, it is significantly less harmful than smoking, offering a similar sensation that many find beneficial during their transition.

Keep an eye out for RELX’s new and refreshed look.

RELX embarks on its #MakeThatChange campaign across its kiosks, physical stores, digital platforms, new packaging, exciting flavors, and the latest product innovations. RELX assures consumers that with this revitalized appearance comes an even stronger commitment to helping millions of adult smokers in the Philippines find a superior alternative to smoking, enabling them to embark on their #NoSmokeSmell journey with confidence and determination.

For adult smokers eager to embark on their transformative journey, finding RELX products is now more convenient than ever. With availability in over 2,500 7-Eleven stores nationwide, as well as 250+ Exclusive RELX Stores, Online Flagship Stores, and Authorized Resellers, encountering original RELX devices and pods has become effortless.

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