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Start your #NoSmokeSmell journey with RELX and #MakeThatChange

Start your #NoSmokeSmell journey with RELX and #MakeThatChange

Filipinos always strive to be better, especially when it comes to making our lives easier. It’s no surprise that adult smokers have started to look for alternatives to smoking. Although quitting cold turkey works for a few people, it doesn’t work for many others. So, some would opt for vape products. However, many of those in the market generally meet the expectations and needs, especially as former cigarette smokers. There are expensive prices, e-liquid leakages, and short battery lives as some of the reasons why they just won’t work. That’s why making the change to RELX can become the easiest and safest alternative to cigarettes.

It’s a difficult thing; change. But, it surely is a way to make our lives better and experience more meaningful experiences. When RELX began in 2018, the mission revolves around helping adult smokers find better alternatives to traditional cigarettes. With foul smell, billowing heavy smoke, and messy cigarette ashes as the most common issues, RELX aimed to provide consumer-centric and convenient vape products. Now, RELX has helped 22 million users to #MakeThatChange to a better alternative. That’s why it also does not come as a surprise that RELX has become the Philippines’ #1 Vape Brand.

Start your #NoSmokeSmell journey with RELX and #MakeThatChange

Vaping has become a reliable alternative to smoking cigarettes. You can choose to buy the nicotine content listed on the packaging of the e-liquid. RELX pods can either go from 3% to 5% nicotine content that the brand declares on its packaging. Although it is not particularly harmless, it remains much less harmful than smoking. It offers experiences similar to smoking a cigarette which some people find helpful.

The coherence in RELX’s brand identity and value reflects how it leads the industry in terms of quality, standard, and even market share. Five laboratories consistently apply its Super Smooth technology that covers fifty-eight inspection procedures, eighteen rigorous quality control measures, and more than two hundred tests. This safeguards the reliability and consistency of each and every RELX product.

RELX has even set up a bioscience laboratory. This, then, aims to study and optimize insights on e-cigarettes and their effects. This initiative acts as a center for research particularly on the impacts of vapor products and a place where future and long-term research results can become publicized to the global audience. That way, users know what they consume. Aside from that, through a scientific approach, RELX continues to set itself apart, especially with design and when it comes to developing better and more trustworthy smoking alternatives.

Your new friends at RELX: The Phoenix, Ray of Hope, and the Color of the Sun.

Sitting on laurels isn’t an option. So, RELX continues to challenge itself to give the best to its loyal customers. They continue to encourage hope for those who want to #MakeThatChange. Of course, as markets adjust and preferences gradually shit, new challenges and trends rise. This demands considerations for the better. So, their new brand identity involves three core elements: The Phoenix, Ray of Hope, and the Color of the Sun. Still focusing on creating hope for its customers, as well as providing high-quality, consumer-centric, and convenient vape products.

The Phoenix

In case you didn’t know, the myth of the phoenix dates back thousands of years ago. However, its symbolism remains timeless. The golden bird is born over and over again, rising from its ashes to live a new life both restored and renewed. RELX empowers people to rise from the ashes both literally and figuratively. The brand also aims to continue helping adult smokers completely stop using traditional cigarettes and transition to a safer alternative. Thus, the story of the phoenix epitomizes who RELX really is.

Ray of Hope

In relation to that, The Phoenix as its core symbol encompasses the brand essence. It radiates hope and lifts people on its wings. It acts as a powerful beacon, bringing timeless and countless stories to life not only to the brand but to its loyal users and potential customers. Thus, RELX gives a ray of hope. It symbolizes the lighter and brighter future of possibility that RELX unlocks.

Color of the Sun

It’s an inspiring beam of positivity and life, casting a warm glow on the lives of users. This, then, illuminates a path ahead in a similar hue as the color of the sun. Just as a new day comes, the sun radiates warmth, symbolizing a new tomorrow.

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To encourage more people to start their #NoSmokeSmell journey with RELX and #MakeThatChange, they invited Village Pipol Magazine as well as other media friends and influencers to a trip to Boracay, showing off its efforts in helping adult smokers transition to a safer alternative.

We went to places in Boracay where they locally sell and provide different pods and devices. Through its products’ exceptional quality, unique SuperSmoothTM technology, and commitment to its vision of making vaping the better choice, RELX aims to give Filipinos the best value for their money. The company’s new and refreshed branding conveys the brand’s continued focus on providing the best quality and innovative e-cigarette products to users around the world. It also communicates the brand’s focus on championing and supporting RELX users who embrace change and are always exploring new possibilities.

RELX continues to empower users through its superior vape products developed with cutting-edge technology as a trusted brand for Filipino adult smokers. The brand harnesses its industry-leading technologies and scientific advances through RELX’s Technology. This same trust is reflected in the fact that RELX is the Philippines’ Vape Brand of Choice.

Many adult smokers want to make that big leap of faith and begin their new journey. It won’t be difficult for them at all to find RELX as it is easier now to encounter original devices and pods. Now available in two-thousand-five-hundred 7-Eleven stores nationwide apart from 250+ Exclusive RELX Stores, Online Flagship Stores, and Authorized Resellers.

You can even watch out for RELX and its new refreshed look as they #MakeThatChange on their kiosks, physical stores, digital presence, new packaging, new flavors, and latest product innovations. RELX assures their consumers that with a refreshed look comes a stronger commitment to help the millions of adult smokers in the Philippines find a better alternative to smoking and start their #NoSmokeSmell journey.

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