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OPM songs never go out of style

OPM songs never go out of style

OPM song is a great tool for us to socialize and express ourselves to other people. However, we cannot deny that music also comforts us in times of isolation or sadness.

There is nothing that beats a good song as you stare blankly from the window seat of a vehicle as you travel through your destination.

Classic OPMs

Tadhana by Up Dharma Down

Released in 2012 by the band Up Dharma down.  It has been the band’s most popular song throughout their career since they begin making music in 2004.

The calming rhythm of the song and Armi Millare’s timbre strikes its listeners deep in their hearts. It is one of the songs that comfort us and hurts us at the same time. This tells a story of how fate intertwines people at an unexpected time only to be separated by a random turn of events which most of us surely can relate to. 

Rainbow by South Border

If you are a college student like me, you probably heard the song rainbow by the south border.

With its catchy tune and dramatic melody that is accompanied by meaningful lyrics, the song brings hope to its audience. It speaks that despite the uncertainties, challenges are not forever and we must keep on pushing forward.

Antukin by Rico Blanco

The band was able to tell the hopeless romantic side of Filipinos. The song can be interpreted in various ways which makes it a perfect song for those who love and be loved.

The cool tune of Rico Blanco’s voice makes the song immortal which may be the reason why it still finds a spot in our playlists.

Jopay by Mayonnaise

Thanks to Paulo Avelino and Janine Gutierrez’s latest movie, Ngayon Kaya. The song by Mayonnaise has been circulating the internet today.

The song reminds us of someone from our past whom we truly admire before which makes it a perfect senti song.  

See Also

This song is among the favorites in karaoke – its dramatic message makes it a song whenever you are feeling blue.

Para sa Akin by Sitti Navarro

This is another song about unrequited love.

Sitti Navarro’s calming voice and the light melody of the instrument create an ironic yet beautiful overall combination.

The harmony of the elements of music in the song brings a calming effect to listeners.

Music can be your way of escaping – together with your earphones, you can freely wander.

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