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OPM hits 10 years ago that will make you want to rewind the clock

OPM hits 10 years ago that will make you want to rewind the clock

What year was it ten years ago? You got that right. It is 2011, not 1999 or 2000. We cannot believe that it has already been ten years. Time certainly flew fast.

It feels like yesterday when we prepare for classes in the morning, struggling to keep our eyes open and with the MYX Channel playing in the background; when we subtly jam with the music from the jeepney commute; or when we tune in on the TV or radio during our free time.

No matter how much time flies, music does not age. We cannot help but remember so much when we listen to it.

Let us hit pause and rewind, back to 10 years ago and the music that held our hearts and all. Here are some of the top hits in 2011!

Hey Daydreamer by Somedaydream

Released in January 2011, Hey Daydreamer was the lead single of Somedaydream‘s self-titled debut album SOMEDAYDREAM. It reached multiple No. 1’s in its time.

To add to its grandeur, the song’s music video featured Jasmine Curtis Smith.

Ako Na Lang by Zia Quizon

Kung sinu-sino pang tinatawagan mo, nandito lang naman ako. At kung saan-saan ka pa naghahanap, nandito lang naman ako.

Who wouldn’t know that lyric? Or the chorus part of Zia Quizon‘s Ako Na Lang? — the song boasts so many memorable parts. It won’t be surprising if a lot of people recognize the song in an instant.

One Hit Combo by Parokya ni Edgar feat. Gloc 9

Seeing the band Parokya ni Edgar and rapper Gloc 9‘s name together wasn’t a new thing. They have worked together before. They are household names in music and every song they release is a guaranteed hit.

One Hit Combo is no exception.

Porque by Maldita

Tulala lang, sa aking kwarto…

The instant everyone hears that introduction, nostalgia comes barging in and comes smacking them in the face.

You got that right! Maldita‘s Porque was a song you can hear everywhere.

Sino Nga Ba Siya? by Sarah Geronimo

Sino Nga Ba Siya is the lead single Sarah Geronimo‘s 2011 album, ONE HEART. It was recognized as the Most Downloaded Song of that year.

Watch as Sarah G. flaunts her vocals, as always!

See Also

Kulang Ako Kung Wala Ka by Erik Santos

Kulang Ako Kung Wala Ka—another hit song. Erik Santos took the gold with this one, as it won Song of the Year in the 4th PMPC Star Awards for Music.

Watch him as he sings the song to perfection:

Masasabi Mo Ba? by Rachelle Ann Go

Rachelle Ann Go released Masasabi Mo Ba? in the second half of 2011 as the lead single of her sixth album, UNBREAKABLE.

That’s real music right there, Ms. Rachelle Ann Go!

All these songs turned 10 this year. Hearing them really makes you want to stop time and go back to the good times.

Let’s celebrate music by streaming and listening to them. Support local, support OPM!

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