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5 OPM Tracks To Make Your Heart Flutter During The Holidays

5 OPM Tracks To Make Your Heart Flutter During The Holidays

Aside from gift-giving, Christmas is also known as the season of love. And as Filipinos, we use music to express our feelings, whether to God, our loved ones, our partners, or our friends. Therefore, if you plan to spend Christmas alone, these OPM tracks will be your companion.

If you’re in a relationship, on the other hand, use these OPM tracks to convey your feelings to your partner. By including these songs in your Holiday playlist, let’s conjure the Christmas spirit and fill our hearts with love. These tunes will certainly warm your heart, regardless of the chilly season.

For your listening pleasure, check out these OPM tracks that will make your heart flutter this Holiday season

Bibingka | Ben&Ben

Through harana, a long-standing Filipino custom, you can express your love to someone. But the other way to show someone you care about them, which Ben&Ben will introduce you to, is by giving them a bibingka! Because it exudes such a calm mood while omitting all the holiday glitz, Bibingka is one of the best OPM tracks you can listen to right now.

The song embodies the true meaning of Christmas, which is to be a time of love, hope, and spending time with those you care about. Additionally, it adds the melancholy that is typically seen in Christmas music. Even if it is not the holiday season, you can still listen to this song.

Alas Dose | Cup of Joe

The first time you hear the piano play, your heart will undoubtedly skip a beat. This song is particularly compelling due to its distinctive chorus and catchy guitar melodies. This always makes me feel as though I’m having a crush on a Simbang Gabi whenever I listen to it.

The song’s addictive bridge part hooked me right away. It stands out from other OPM songs I’ve heard thanks to its story and melody. Cup of Joe’s creativity and artistry shine through in how they make this song suitable for any occasion.

Baby, Merry Christmas | Keiko Necesario

Keiko’s voice makes this tune particularly suited during the holiday season. When you wake up on Christmas morning, sipping your hot chocolate while next to your loved one, this soothing and relaxing tune is perfect. Keiko’s voice will embrace you and make your heart flutter even if you’re not in love or in a relationship.

Additionally, Keiko is a fantastic storyteller, particularly in this song. Baby, Merry Christmas masterfully evokes a sense of warmth and happiness while giving you the feeling of being embraced.

Be With You This Christmas | Myk Perez

When I heard the opening note of this song for the first time, I felt as if a wave of longing had washed over me. The song will make your heart flutter even though you will be filled with yearning as you listen to it. Although it’s not sad, it gives you the impression that someone is spending Christmas with you.

During the holiday season, this ballad melody will certainly warm your Christmas. Myk’s voice beautifully captures the emotion of the song, which is quite captivating. Created by the guitar strumming and Myk’s mellow voice is the pleasant, emotional mood of the song.

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Christmas Ain’t Valentines | Charm and Charl

The saxophone and Charm and Charl’s voices playing along in Christmas Ain’t Valentines will get you to groove. This lighthearted melody will give you the impression that you don’t need anyone to warm your Christmas. This upbeat song will remind you not to rush into dating during the holidays and to focus instead on the true meaning of Christmas—the birth of Jesus.

You’ll be singing along and grooving to this adorable song. If you’re feeling lonely over the Christmas season, this track will be enough to brighten your spirits.

A Christmas Song I Wrote For You | Issa Rodriguez

This song will undoubtedly make you feel good over the holiday season. With Issa’s lovely vocals, this OPM song will fill your heart with love. You’ll be reminded of the value of the people you’ll be spending the holidays with. The people we will celebrate Christmas with will make it special more than the presents.

Ngayong Pasko | Gio Levy

I started to have butterflies in my stomach as soon as I heard the saxophone on this. However, what this uplifting and calming music is trying to express is the opposite. The song is upbeat and adorable at the same time thanks to Gio’s vocals and the song’s melody.

The protagonist appears eager to return with his or her ex and address what they both miss about one another. If you wish to revisit the memories of the love story that happen before the holiday season, thing song is perfect for you.

The ‘Ber’ months have begun, and we are prepared to welcome the change of seasons with music. Your holiday season will be filled with love thanks to these songs. Your heart will flutter too as you listen to this variety of tunes that each expresses a unique emotion that is suitable for a particular person. These OPM tracks will undoubtedly make your Christmas full of love and warmth, whether as a companion or an embrace.

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