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New York unveils Subway’s High Technology Robot

New York unveils Subway’s High Technology Robot

The New York Police Department and Mayor Eric Adams introduces on a press conference on Friday, their High Tech Surveillance robots to fight against subway crimes.

New York K5 Robots

The robot has 4 cameras. It is program to send back live video without audio to the police.

Furthermore, it is with a button used to call for police officer as well as dozens of microphones. Officials say it will not use facial recognition technology.

During the press conference, Mayor Adams clearly demonstrated tried to knock it over multiple times and it was unsuccessful. It is a proof that K5 is high quality.   In addition to that, Adams said that the robot is “not a pushover”.

The K5 robot is set to patrol in the Times Square 42nd Street Subway Station. In the part of station’s mezzanine level and not the platforms. It is a part of Mayor’s new plan to increase the law enforcement technology in New York’s largest transit system.

It will be accompanied by a police from midnight to 6 AM so they can introduce it to the riders . After two weeks , it will be off and start roaming for another two months.

Based on the reports, the initiative of this plan comes despite 4.5 percent decrease in subway crimes compared last year.

I believe it is our duty to utilize state-of-the-art technology advancements to help keep New Yorkers safe, I believe we must do it wisely and not intrusively”. Addams said

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However, this plan has stimulated a lot of concerns based on the privacy and predisposition towards this surveillance robot.

The New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez called the surveillance robots “privacy disasters on wheels” in a X (Twitter) repost.

There are also certain reports of accidents involving these robots. Based on the records, back in 2016, it ran over child’s foot in California. And in 2017, it was reported that it took a dive into a water fountain in a mall.

For NYPD Chief of Transit Michael Kemper warned the people that vandalism and damaging the surveillance robot would lead to an arrest.

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