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LOOK: Enzo Manzano protests against PH government in New York

LOOK: Enzo Manzano protests against PH government in New York


Veteran actor Edu Manzano’s son with former model Rissa Samson, Enzo, recently held his own protest in New York, against the Philippine government’s response to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Enzo was specifically appalled by the controversial ‘Anti-Terrorism Bill’ which shows the country’s stance regarding the right to protest. He vocalized this in front of the United Nations headquarters last week.

He shared this event on his Facebook page with the caption that wrote “Today, I chose to stand outside the United Nations HQ for 3 hours (I have a recorded live video, on my timeline, showing the second half). It took me three days to decide I was actually going to do this. How did I arrive at this decision?

“I realized lengthy Facebook posts don’t do the trick… ALSO it only makes me more angry whenever news of our government comes out in the Philippines. The feeling of being useless doesn’t help either – whether it’s because I’m in New York or the government keeps coming up with ways to silence us back home.

“I was never the type to protest but at this point with all that the Philippine government is doing, it’s either you’re fighting to keep your country alive or not.

“Sucks to hear that my fellow Filipinos can’t protest back home.. I hope my lone protest can make up for that. At least a little bit!”

He is currently residing along with his mom and sister Addie in the US. According to him, he just couldn’t stand what he once called home is turning into.

Enzo’s gesture received positive feedback on social media and he thanked everyone for their kind words. Furthermore, he hopes what he is doing can inspire others to speak out.

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