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Nature at its Finest: My Top 3 Vacation Spots in the Philippines

Nature at its Finest: My Top 3 Vacation Spots in the Philippines

The Philippines houses some of the most beautiful and breathtaking vacation spots across the world that feature the elegance of our nature. As a person who loves and appreciates nature, it is a treat to live in a country that features the beauty of nature at its finest. With that, here are my top 3 best vacation spots in the Philippines.

Display of Nature on Batanes Island

Batanes, despite being the smallest province in the Philippines, offers almost everything to its travelers. It offers the best of what nature can offer to everyone. The Home of the Winds showcases its mountains, seas, rolling hills, foods, and most especially, the peace and quiet environment around the province. 

Summer and Dry seasons are the best time to go and have a visit to Batanes. Make sure to wear breathable fabric and put your sunblock on as you scour the whole island of Batanes. Batanes are made up of 10 islands, but only 3 of them are inhabitable. These islands are Batan, Itbayat, and Sabtang. 

Batan, housing the Basco, is the provincial capital and where the airport is located. Aside from being the capital, this is also where you can find the majority of the accommodations and tourist spots in Batanes. One notable tourist spot in Batan is the nationwide famous 66ft Basco Lighthouse which was built in 2003. 

Everything that you can see in Batanes is breathtaking on its own. However, Marlboro Country is my personal favorite. Located in Mahatao, this wide landscape is a perfect picture spot with wild horses, carabaos, and cows. Marlboro Country is a place where the land, sea, and sky kiss each other showcasing the beauty of nature in Batanes.

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Obviously, the Majestic Boracay Island

Boracay has to be on the list, right? I mean, it has to be. That’s nature best reflected in our eyes. Being hailed as one of the top beaches in the Philippines, Boracay Island sure is a perfect vacation spot for anyone. Recognized as one of the best islands in the Visayas, Boracay showcases a long stretch of powdered white sand across its shore together with crystal clear water and the gaze of the stunning sunset. 

Summer obviously is the peak season on Boracay Island. In terms of hotels and accommodations, everything is available around the island of Boracay. There are also a lot of things that you can do inside Boracay Island. Island hopping for me is a top priority. Come on, riding a boat while seeing the beauty of nature across each island is a guaranteed treat for anyone. 

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Aside from island hopping, visitors can also try zip lines, shopping, drinking in pubs or bars, various water activities, and of course, eating delicious foods. 

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A personal favorite, the perfect Mayon Volcano

It may be a biased pick. However, who can deny that the Mayon Volcano is a perfect representation of how beautiful nature is. As a local Bicolano, seeing a glimpse of Mayon is just satisfying in all aspects. 

Located in Albay, the perfect cone-shaped volcano is an active stratovolcano that stands around 2, 463 meters in height. Locals prohibited hiking around the volcano premises. However, the sight of the volcano from afar is already a satisfying view for anyone who will visit the Bicol region. A highlight of the Mayon scenery is when the volcano will wear its famous “salakot” made up of clouds. 

Photo | GMA Network

These are just 3 of what could have been a thousand more wonderful vacation spots in the Philippines. With nature gracing the lands of the Philippines, it is now up to us to preserve the beauty of our country.

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