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Rug-making into Stylish outfit – A Sustainable Fashion 

Rug-making into Stylish outfit – A Sustainable Fashion 

In these times, fast fashion is one of the major problems we are facing not only in our lives but also in the environment , and on our planet. Because of mass production of cheap materials and low quality clothing at a low-cost, people tend to buy repeatedly to hop in the trend or just simply collecting clothing pieces in their cabinets, not knowing its effects as a fabric waste of fast fashion. 

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A lot of people make use of sustainability in one way or another to at least lessen environmental problems. And with that, John Jade Montecalvo a 21-year-old student fashion designer from Payatas, Quezon City, came up with the idea of making sustainable fashion clothes from rugs. Using his skills in rug-making that he inherited from his mother, he created fashionable dresses out of clothing scraps by upcycling it. 

Photo Credit: PUP Icons
Photo Credit: PUP Icons

“When I think of sustainability, rug-making is one of the biggest steps that we have been doing even in the times when environmental movements have not yet become a global concern. Using clothing production scraps as the main material in making useful products like rags really helps in lessening the fabric waste” – John Jade Montecalvo. 

His works were featured in different social media networks such as Inquirer, PTV, DZRH News, News5 and CNN Philippines, etc. He also has his own exhibit in Ayala Malls Marikina, showcasing his masterpieces that you can visit now! 

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Photo from Ayala Malls Marikina

By creating sustainable fashion clothing, Montecalvo also included his own story in each and every piece he created. According to him, he wants the people to appreciate the work of rug artisans, as he is also a son of a rug maker. Because of rug-making, her mother manages to make it a major source of income in their family. It helps them a lot, especially to him as he rises and achieves his dream of becoming a fashion designer. This serves as an inspiration that you can make something useful out of waste. 

To know more about his works, check out John Jade Montecalvo on Facebook and Instagram.

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