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Mycke Arcano’s Magic Touch and Next Level Hairstyling


Mycke Arcano’s Magic Touch and Next Level Hairstyling

It may seem not to like it but a person’s hair ⁠—their crowning glory⁠—is what makes their whole appearance even better. A pretty face can never be complete without the hair being equally beautiful. However, it takes sheer talent to perfect the art of hairstyling. But for Mycke Arcano, his magic touch is what makes his work the epitome of next-level hairstyling.

Portrait by Dennis Sulit

At the age of 20, Mycke took it upon himself to dwell in hairstyling. He shared that he often brought his hair iron with him because he loved styling his hair during college. But an opportunity to pursue this interest presented itself.

“The curiosity got the best of me when I started doing hair for colleagues and batchmates for school events and projects as a hobby.”

From then on, he continued to master this hobby until he reached a point wherein it became his bread and butter.

In this world with ever-changing standards of beauty, Mycke shared that he draws inspiration for his styling techniques from recent trends.

“There are times that the hairstyle I will create is based on a peg or a look that was done on recent runway shows.”

But he noted that he also bases his styling on the project or event’s objectives. From there, he creates hairstyles spontaneously. Moreover, if the work is for a celebrity or an artist, he usually collaborates with other stylists present “so that [the client’s] inner confidence will shine together with the look [he’s] doing.”

Overall, he expressed that hairstyling is also a form of therapy.

“Hairstyling is also therapy, you are transferring good energy to the person sitting on your hair chair and build that trust, which I always make sure that I give to my clients when I do their hair.”

Favorite Hair Looks and Collaborations

Out of all the clients he handled so far, Mycke named vlogger and influencer Mimiyuuuh as his muse.

“Mimi gave me the chance to elevate my hairstyling by mixing her aesthetic and my aesthetic on her overall look.”

Mycke also shared that he ventured into men’s styling and grooming last year.

“During the pandemic, I was able to talk to Thai and Korean hairstylists on Instagram, and they taught me techniques and products that helped me create looks inspired from their idols and actors.”

He expressed his happiness because these kinds of hairstyling for men are emerging in the country.

So far, his favorite collaboration is with Mimiyuuuh and BJ Pascual. As well as Mimi’s own makeup artist Sylvina Lopez.

“It was monumental because when Mimi’s make up artist, Sylvina Lopez, or most commonly known as @slomakeup, asked BJ if he can shoot with us, BJ said yes to Mimi and he really wanted to highlight and elevate our artistry with the concept we’ve all created. “

Mycke’s Future Endeavors

If given the chance, he would love to collaborate with Korean and Thai magazines.

“I’m going to Thailand soon to meet my creative friends, and it would be an amazing thing to create looks overseas too!”

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Like any other person, Mycke cannot predict his own future but he pledged to continue improving his skills in hairstyling, especially on hair cutting.

Now at the blooming age of 32, he sees himself doing his craft for another couple of decades.

“I’ve been doing hair for 13 or 14 years [now] and I would love to see myself going further. But hopefully after 20 or 25 years, I will be able to say that I’m fulfilled but honestly speaking, let’s see. Because my motivation is still on its all time high.”

Thoughts and Gratitude

Even a layman can observe the growth and improvement in the Filipino beauty community. As a part of this group, Mycke can attest to the talent of his fellow creatives in the country.

“Our country has the most creative, talented, and artistic pool of beauty artists. And if only they are given more chances of celebrating their artistry by giving more platforms to execute their magic, the Filipino beauty community will further bloom and boom.”

Portrait by Dennis Sulit

Mycke expressed his gratitude to the people who supported him throughout his hairstyling journey.

“You have always kept me grounded and believed in what I can do, when I didn’t believe in myself. I have grown so much in this artform, all thanks to your love and support. And I will keep on creating and serving looks and make you and this country proud. Thank you for staying by my side and pushing me to be the best.”

Finally, he shared his insight with his fellow artists and aspiring hairstylists.

“I’m excited to meet the new generation of hairstylists. But do know, that if you want to do this, this is not just about instant money or fame, you have to work really hard and learn from experiences and unlearn it again so you can always bring something fresh to the looks you will be doing. Hairstyling is not just pure work, it’s an artform and when creating art, you need to trust your mind, heart and passion.”

It is truly amazing to learn that a simple hobby can turn into an interest and bloom into something a person becomes passionate about. Mycke’s hairstyling journey is a testament to how life makes a path for us that leads us to our destiny. What awaits at the end of this road is equally exciting and motivating.

Good luck to you, Mr. Mycke Arcano! Your name will be forever be etched in the beauty community. Keep on blessing us with your magic touch.

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