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Local Hairstylist Daniel Forro is Behind the Crowning Glory of Beauty Queens


Local Hairstylist Daniel Forro is Behind the Crowning Glory of Beauty Queens

Ever wondered who made the glamorous tresses of beauty queens?

At 22, freelance hairstylist and make-up artist Daniel Forro has already reached unimaginable heights in his career. In an exclusive interview, Forro shares his journey as a hairstylist on how he started styling ladies in beauty pageants and celebrities.

The Journey

Aside from excelling in make-up, Forro decided to enter the hairdressing field due to its level of competence. As young as 17, his fairy godmother taught him to curl and define different hairstyles. After seeing his creations, his godmother would say, 

“Anak ikaw na lagi ang magbuhok sa mga inaayusan ko.”

When Forro started as a freelance hairstylist, he would collaborate with different glam teams of beauty queens. As netizens saw his works on Facebook and Instagram, bookings increased. However, as he is Cavite-based, the struggle comes from commuting to meet clients located in Manila.

“I am from Dasmariñas Cavite, and most of my gigs are in Manila. A lot of times, I have to ride Angkas or Habal just to be on time.”

Creative Process

As being a freelance hairstylist is not an easy feat, Forro has shared the creative process behind hairstyling. 

“The creative process that goes behind hairstyling is to learn the basic elements such as the line, form, space, texture, and color (when using hair extensions). Also, the right product and amount for different types of hair.”

Giant Leaps in His Career

As his experience grew, Forro handled big clients like Jinkee Pacquiao and hair product endorsements such as Luxe Organix.

Specifically, one of his proudest moments was the recent Miss World Philippines 2021. In this beauty pageant, he became the head hairstylist and established his own hairstyling team called #ForroHairStyling.

“The recent Miss World Philippines 2021 is also one of the proudest moment as I established my hairstyling team called #ForroHaitstyling.”

Looking back, he has also styled women for other competitions such as Binibining Pilipinas and even for bridal shoots.

Favorite Look

As he has done over several different hairstyles, one that stuck to him was the hair of Micca Rosal of Binibining Pilipinas Class of 2021. 

“It is one of the best. I put so much effort because it was the Preliminary Competition!!! We started glamming her at 3AM because their call time was 6AM, but the shoot proper was 12 noon. I felt so worried during that time because I was thinking about the output.”

Moreover, an international vlogger has also recognized his creations and wondered how he pulled them off. 

“I was shocked because the hair stays as what I’ve done/styled. One international vlogger also noticed the hair and commented, “How can a hair stay like that?!” I am so happy and very proud of myself! Feels like the hard work I put in that day was totally paid off!”

To book an appointment, contact him at (0905) 558 2133. If you want to see more of his hair creations, visit his Instagram account.

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